Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites: Spring Break Edition

My favorites from Spring Break....

*Monday was rainy and cold almost all. day. long. So we decided to stay in and the big boys enjoyed popcorn and a movie. They are always so cute with their bowls of popcorn or a snack when watching a movie. We may have started something... they now expect it every time they watch a movie. =)
*On Tuesday we ventured out to the library. Our first time going in forever. For some reason it's just hard for us to take trips there unless we're on a break from school. While Layton wasn't impressed and we had to cut our trip shorter than usual, Garrison and Austin were thrilled with new books. Yay for a love of books and reading! 
*On Wednesday we had a playdate and picnic at our church playground. We did this way back during our Fall Break and the boys loved it, so this time they were super excited again. We had a total of 5 moms there from our Sunday School class and 11 kiddos... which included a 3 month old, Layton, and a 2 week old. Layton enjoyed the playdate much more than the library. =)

*My biggest drew this picture yesterday and it was so precious I had to capture it and keep it. With Easter coming up and us talking a lot about the Easter story and Jesus dying for us, he drew a picture of the 3 crosses and the stone rolled away from the empty grave. He is understanding lots more this year. He still has questions and doesn't quite grasp it all, but I'm so thankful for what he's learning and "getting".

*Not once but twice this week I took all 3 boys to Walmart solo. All by myself. One boy in the back, one boy in the front, and one boy hanging on. The very first time I took them I sent Terrell a text and asked him to stop what he was doing and pray. For real. Mama was just a little nervous about the potential for DISASTER. Thankfully they all did great! Now we have groceries and we have all the goodies we need for the birthday celebration we have planned for Nana and Pops. Walmart isn't my favorite place... it's actually one of my least favorite places.... BUT, when it comes to fitting all 3 boys and groceries in a buggy plus being 5 minutes away, I just have to suck it up and go.

*I witnessed a sweet moment between my biggest and my baby this week. Love.

*Yesterday we went to Scoops for our afternoon snack. Superman was the flavor of choice! Since I've had to cut out all dairy for the time being I got peanut butter snack. It was delish but I'll be glad when I can enjoy ice cream again!!

*Layton was pretty content at Scoops. And present (but not necessarily pictured) at every outing this week. Baby boy is learning to go with the flow.

It's been a mostly fun Spring Break that we're all super thankful for. Now we have a fun weekend planned that includes celebrating birthdays with my in-laws and taking Easter pictures! Happy Friday!!

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