Monday, April 28, 2014

Announcements and Discoveries from the Weekend

*Eating out as family of 5... with 2 of us being 5 and 2.5 is hard work. While our family date Friday night was a success and Layton was content the entire time in his carseat, Garrison and Austin kept us busy. And I think we forgot about that part. If they're hungry and have food, they're good. If they're hungry and don't have food... not so much. If they're full (which happens with Austin... Garrison doesn't really get full...), not so much. So there's the issue of keeping them somewhat entertained before food arrives and then the issue of keeping Austin seated and entertained after he's done. But all in all, our kiddos do great at restaurants therefore I can't complain. Except to say it's hard work and it'd been so long since we went out to eat just us that I sort of forgot.

*Garrison had a great game on Saturday morning and even came away with another game ball! His second of the season if you're counting. =) Garrison went 2-2 with 2 singles, fielded great, and our team scored our first run of the season! YAAAAAAAAY!!!! Therefore every player on our team got the game ball. Woohoo! It. Was. Awesome.

*We still have Easter candy at our house. And I'm consuming it at a rapid pace. And I'm not even a big candy person. I rarely ever buy candy for myself and I actually can't even remember the last time I was tempted to buy candy. But for some reason having it readily accessible means I crave it and must partake of it. Time for the Easter candy to go. Because even though I'm droppping my pregnancy weight easily (I'm super blessed that nursing alone does that for me), my "core" is weak and flabby and just completely out of shape since 2.5 months ago I was carrying my almost 8 pound baby boy in there. So. Easter candy is not my friend. And I think it's time for an intervention. To put it away, give it away, throw it away, something. But I have to be fair to my kiddos... so this intervention will require some creativity. Like maybe I should hold myself to the same "rules" as the boys when it comes to eating candy. Only 2 jolly rancher jelly beans at a time. Only one small piece of chocolate or starburst after lunch and supper... and that's it. Not a single piece more! Sigh.

*Since Terrell isn't allowed to bend or lift (anything over 20 pounds), ALL of Layton's responsibilities fall on me. And let me tell you it is a work out. Carrying him around in his carseat, loading (and unloading) him into the car, loading and unloading a massive stroller, carrying him around in his carseat, bending to get him out of his crib, swing, playmat, etc, carrying him around in his carseat. You get the idea. Now my back hurts. Seriously. Time to work out the core. Apparently a "strong core" is the key to a strong back with no pain. At least that's what Terrell's doctor told us. As soon as he starts therapy I'm going to be learning the exercises too. We don't need 2 of us with back issues. Gracious.

*Austin officially HATES having his hair washed now. Like he despises it and fears it and has anxiety over it. It is extreme. He freaks out. He cries uncontrollably. He has an almost panic attack. Bless his heart. And it's all over being afraid of getting water in his ears because apparently that happened recently and it hurt his ear(s) so now he's scarred and will never be the same. We have tried telling him exactly what to do to insure this little tragedy of water in his ears doesn't occur again but he's so worked up and afraid and doesn't trust us because there are no guarantees and he knows it, soooo we all just suffer through the drama together. Poor baby. And poor mama and daddy.

*Garrison watched an episode of Team Umizoomi the other day and based on what he learned has now requested to do "jobs" around the house and essentially earn an allowance. Over the weekend he helped with Layton during supper so that I could *almost* eat without interruption, set the table, sorted clothes for laundry, helped fold clothes, helped sweep, helped unload the dishwasher, etc. Thankfully he really likes to help so most of these he's done before. Now that he's eager for "jobs" we're just going to run with it. We haven't decided on the details of his "pay" or chores or anything really, but I think we're going to try it out. I'll keep you posted.

*Today is my blog's birthday! 4 years ago today I started writing and documenting and recording and journaling and it has been a HUGE blessing to me. I am so thankful for this little blog and the outlet it is for me and the "friends" I've found and most importantly for the memories it holds. It's pretty priceless when I think about it and I'm super grateful for it. So yay for blogging!

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