Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On the Job

Garrison Cade is officially on the job. =)

Terrell and I finally worked out the details of Garrison's "jobs" and the little allowance he'll receive. And I'm mainly writing about it for my own memory because it's been a fun new thing for my big boy and a first for us as parents. Who knows how long it will last or how soon we'll have to tweak it, but for now we've got a plan and our first week in- things are going great!

While Garrison and Austin both have things they are expected to do because they're old enough and we're trying to establish good habits and a little responsibility and because they're members of our family and we have to work together as a team (being a team is quickly becoming our family and couple motto, haha), we never once considered an allowance for them this early. And we still aren't considering it for Austin because he wouldn't understand it anyway. But Garrison presented the idea to us after watching an episode of Team Umizoomi and seeing another little boy work for an allowance. So, as I mentioned in my previous post, we're just going to run with it. He really likes to help out and do extra things around the house ("jobs" as he calls them), so while he's motivated, why not?

As of now we're coming up with little extra things he can do mainly during his quiet time since he's started getting bored and restless and becoming my shadow during that time... plus he can do it all solo without little brother tagging along. We aren't going to require or make him do anything. He already puts his dirty clothes in his basket/hamper everytime. He already takes his plate and cup to the sink after meals. He already helps clean up toys and messes every night before bed. And him and Austin both take care of gathering up all the trash every Wednesday night on trash night. So the "jobs" he's requested are completely extra and completely optional.

For now he's just really excited about earning money by helping out with these extras so I'm having to think of things everyday for him to do. This week he's been sweeping with his little kid-sized broom every day. One day he swept his bathroom and the hallway. One day he swept the kitchen, laundry room, and my bathroom. He's also sorted lots of laundry for me this week and helped load and unload the dishwasher. And just today he cleaned baseboards in the hallway. He's been a huge blessing!

*Disclaimer: I am not making him do any of these chores. There is no child labor going on here. He asks for jobs to do and so I tell him the things I could use help with or the chores I think he's capable of doing and then he does them voluntarily. And afterwards he's so proud of his work and the fact that he helped....voluntarily.

Just thought I'd clear that up one more time.

Moving right along to compensation.

We decided to pay him a quarter a day every week day... weekends don't count because we aren't always home and we'd just like to take the weekends off. We decided on a quarter a day for a couple reasons. One because he's 5 and doesn't need a huge allowance and two because then he'll have $1.25 at the end of every week. The dollar he can spend at the dollar store or in the dollar section of Target or Walmart (possibly while we're out on the weekends) and the extra quarter he can take and give as an offering at church. If it lasts for more than a week or two we'll also talk about saving his money so he can purchase more than 1 item at a time or possibly buy a bigger item. We may even increase the allowance if it lasts. But for now, it's just a fun way for my 5 year old to do some jobs and earn some cash. Or coins. =) And I have to say the look and smile on his face after he gets paid his quarter is priceless. He is so proud and so grateful it just melts my heart. 

This may be a little premature, but I'm going to go ahead and declare Garrison's first week on the job a success. And a big blessing for his mama!

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