Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Favorites

Today has been wild. But we made it to Friday afternoon! And it's Spring Break! And we have a fun weekend ahead! We may have suffered through meltdowns, doctor's appointments, fighting, and poop samples today, but we're not gonna let it get us down. It's F-R-I-D-AY! Let the weekend begin... as soon as daddy gets home. =)

My favorites from the week:

*Watching my biggest play baseball! Last night the whole fam made it out. We probably won't do that again. Haha. But I got to see Garrison make an awesome play in the field so it was totally worth it.
*On Monday Austin was under the weather and stayed home from school... and so I decided to keep Garrison home too. They played SO good together all morning. I loved seeing them use their imaginations and what they came up with. One of the things they spent a LOT of time doing was making "houses" for their animals (and baseball men). John Deere trucks and large books make for some awesome houses for animals... and baseball men. =)
*We now have video monitors up and running for all the boys! Up until Austin moved in with Garrison we had never had a video monitor and honestly never really missed having one. However, two boys 4 (at the time) and under in the same room made us reeeally want one. Correction: NEED one. So we registered for one when we registered for Layton and my parents got it for us. Huge blessing! We started off using it in the big boy room. Then we moved it to Layton's room once he started sleeping in his room. Then, we got a gift of money from a family member and were able to buy a 2nd camera. We love being able to see all our boys. Technology isn't all bad after all.
*This sweet boy decided to read to his baby brother while I was working on something at the table. Precious. I have a very similar picture of Garrison doing this with Austin when he was a baby. So sweet.

*The beautiful weather this week meant lots of outside time for me and the boys. They had so much fun. And even though Austin has his own car that he puts lots of miles on it's still nice to know they don't mind sharing a ride every now and then. =)

*One morning while I was getting Austin dressed for school he leaned over and gave me kiss. Without warning. Without prompting. Just wanted to kiss his mama. Be still my heart! It was so sweet that I totally melted.

*My littlest now has an Easter bucket like his big brothers. Yay! It turned out perfect. Now we just have to figure out what to put in it.

*Today is my mom's birthday... Happy Birthday Granna!! We're looking forward to a fun filled weekend of celebrations. =)

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