Monday, April 14, 2014

Party Success, Picture Success

We had a really fun and busy weekend with 2 BIG things taking place. (At least they were big to us and took lots of preparation and work to get ready for.) First, we celebrated my mother-in-law and father-in-law's birthdays on Saturday... at our house. We rarely ever host family birthdays at our house because everyone lives in B'ville and it typically doesn't make sense to have everyone travel to us, but this time around it worked out perfect. And it was successful! Yay!

Then on yesterday afternoon we did our annual Easter pictures of the boys plus our black and white pictures of us and Layton. I was probably more nervous about these pictures than any others we've ever had done. We frame the black and white ones in our living room so we were hoping those would be good, and the Easter pics were the first "professional" pictures of all 3 of our boys together. So our expectations were both high and low. Ha! Thankfully the pictures appeared to be successful! I can't wait to see them all later this week. =)  

Terrell's parents and Granny came over Saturday morning and spent most of the day with us. We enjoyed having them over and celebrating Nana's belated birthday and Pops' early birthday. The boys were thrilled. Grandparents at our house = a big deal.

We decided to take the boys on an outing before lunch and chose a local jumpy/bouce house place. We don't go there very often at all so it was a huge treat for the big boys. They played hard and were worn out by Saturday afternoon. Austin practically asked for a nap and Garrison got emotional and moody and just plain tired Saturday afternoon.


We had a late lunch and Terrell grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs for us and I made some simple sides. Then we had cake and ice cream... complete with singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles. I think it was yummy and fun for everybody. I know the boys loved every second!

After lunch we just had some down time and eventually Austin took a nap and then all the grandparents got ready to leave. But not before a picture with Granny!

We had a super laid back Saturday night and were so thankful for party success and early bedtimes!

Yesterday after church we had leftovers for lunch and prepared for pictures.... which is always an adventure, always leads to some kind of drama, and always ends with mama and daddy making threats or offering bribes. Gracious.

While Layton was a tad fussy for his pictures with mama and daddy, he was perfectly content and wonderful for pictures with his big brothers. And I finally exhaled. Even though I told myself I wouldn't be disappointed if he wasn't cooperative because it would be a reflection of this point in time and memories and all that jazz, I still hoped he would do good and that we'd have some great pictures in the end. And I'm so excited for professional photo success! I know I will treasure them all (no matter what) because it's the first ones of all 3 of my babies... and I can't wait to see them!

This morning we're jumping right back into the swing of things. It's a school day, a grocery store day, and a pre-surgery appointment day. Please keep my hubby in your prayers this week as he has out-patient back surgery scheduled for Wednesday. We're looking forward to a fun Easter week and for daddy to get back to 100%!


The McCorkle Family said...

Hope the surgery goes well!

Meggie said...

Thank you!! Was your mom's out-patient?