Monday, April 7, 2014

A Very Special Weekend

Our family had a very special weekend. We celebrated my mom's birthday, had Layton's dedication at our home church, and introduced Layton to his great-grandparents. I think we all enjoyed just about every single second. Layton's first trip to our hometown was a definite success! We had to pack the entire house it felt like... and were jam-packed in our Jeep.... but we made it and everything went smoothly. Such a blessing!

Saturday we celebrated my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Granna!!
The boys got some outside time too. But not too much since the pollen was out of control. Even Terrell felt the effects of it. You could literally see it in the air when the wind blew. Yuck. 
Garrison got to test out his nerf gun in wide open spaces (something our yard doesn't offer) 
And Austin got to ride his new bike from Granna and Papa. SO cute!!
On Saturday night we were able to go to my grandparents' house to grill steaks for my mom's birthday. My mom got to blow out the number 16 candle for her 61st birthday. =) It was such a blessing to celebrate with my Granny after everything she's been through. It's truly a miracle that she's home and getting around on her own now.
Things were only a tad stressful for Terrell and I when Layton got pretty fussy. Which was right at "eatin time". It always seems to work out that way. Sigh. Even though we were busy with our baby boy we had fun being back at my grandparents' house and enjoying good food and good times with family.

All 3 boys had a great night Saturday night (answered prayer!) and we woke up ready for church and Layton's dedication service Sunday morning. I can't even explain the blessing it has been to us to have our boys' dedication services held at our home church. Dedicating ourselves to the Christian rearing of our children with SO many present who were instrustmental in our Christian upbringing is pretty indescribable. It was such a special service.

Garrison and Austin did amazing standing up there with us. We were so proud of them! And Layton too! I may have been holding my breath.
Other than having our Pastor (from childhood til now) lead us in making this commitment... and having our wonderful families present... and having the service in our home church surrounded by childhood friends, family friends, past Sunday School teachers, etc, I think my favorite part of the service was when Brother Garth prayed for us and our boys. And one line is still with me and something I know I'll treasure and continue to pray myself. He prayed that when our task (of raising our boys) was done that we would see 3 sons standing tall in their communities, serving Jesus, and living for Him everyday. Terrell and I both were blinking back tears after he finished his prayer. As their mama I'm not sure I could have asked for a sweeter prayer for my babies... who will one day be men leading their own families. It was so, so special. 
The guest of honor made it through the entire church service and lunch afterwards. Yay Layton!! 

The whole fam at lunch. This is our village. They love us, support us, assist us, advise us, and pray for us. It takes a village to raise a child and this is ours. We are so blessed.
A special picture of Layton with his great-grandparents. So thankful for these 4 who started it all. Generations are and will be blessed because of them.
What a special weekend we enjoyed. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!  

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