Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Bath Time & Blessings

Last night we gave Layton his first bath. And here's what he thought of it...
My big boys were very impressed and wanted to be part of the whole experience. Baby brother didn't cry the entire bath time...
But almost...
You can see Layton in the mirror just a little giving us a frown. Poor baby. He reminded me a lot of Garrison during his first bath. Garrison might have been even more mad/upset/traumatized than Layton though. Austin was my chill baby for his first bath.
He was fine as soon as we got him wrapped up and snug in his towel.
And the paci helped too
All ready for bed!

Bath time was special as all 5 of us were in the bathroom together experiencing this "first" with Layton. I was thankful for a few minutes of normal after all the craziness we've been through lately.

Since Terrell has been injured/hurt, our family dynamic has felt off. We're just out of sorts. And it's been kind of sad. But even though Terrell is still struggling to heal and we're still a little "off" without having daddy 100%, we've also experienced lots of blessings. And blessings are just magnified during the rough patches because they're even sweeter and more meaningful.

*Layton. Duh. He's like our biggest blessing. =)

*Help. My mom came to help me on my first day by myself while Terrell was at work and my mother-in-law came to help the next day and a half I was on my own. Such a blessing to have an extra set of hands around here! I am so grateful for both of them!

*Food. We have had several meals provided for us. It's been a record! We had a meal given to us 4 nights in a row, plus my mom and Terrell's mom have cooked for us, plus we have 2 more meals being provided later this week. It is SO nice to not have to worry about meals after just having a baby... and when your husband isn't available to help cook or prepare food. Another big, big blessing to us.

*Successful Surgery. My sister's surgery went really well and she is recovering now. I am so, so grateful everything went smoothly. We are praising God for a successful surgery and thanking Him in advance for a swift recovery.

*Big Brothers. Watching Garrison and Austin love and adore Layton has been priceless. They are soo proud of him and still can't get enough of him. The transition for my big boys has been amazing. Such a blessing.

*Beautiful Weather. We had a long stretch of great weather. Up until today we've been going outside to play every single day. It's been good for all of us.

*1st Day Success. Today has been my official first day on my own. Technically I had a trial run/preview on my own last week, but today it's official since Terrell went to work and I've been home by myself with the boys. And so far things have gone really well. Thank you Lord!

*Girl Scout Cookies. Yum! The timing of their arrival yesterday has been sweet. =)

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