Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big Day Recap

Yesterday my birthday boy had a day full of fun. This was the first birthday he really, really made the most of... with his very own requests and ideas for his big day. The night before his birthday just after putting the boys to bed we even heard Garrison and Austin both singing 'Happy Birthday Garrison'. It was too funny.

We started the day with balloons (5 in all for our 5 year old... although we would've done more if we'd thought about it before the last minute of right before he woke up). He was thrilled. So was Austin.
Then we had donuts for breakfast and sang Happy Birthday to him and let him blow out 5 candles. He made a special request for Dunkin Donuts for his birthday breakfast and asked to eat on his birthday plate from his party at Let's Paint Pottery that all his party guests signed. He has been soo proud and adorable every single time anybody has sang Happy Birthday to him.
The donuts were a hit!

Little brother thought so too! And kept asking when his birthday was.

I put a special "Happy Birthday" message on his napkin in his lunch box for school and was thrilled when he saved it. He never saves his napkins. Then he shared cookie cake with all his friends right after lunch. The cookie cake was a huge hit! His little classmates gobbled it down and asked for more. I think we made the right decision to do something different than cupcakes. =)

He also got to pick out his favorite color "Tickle Feather" and got 5 tickles for his birthday. It was so cute and he was SO proud.
This picture turned out super fuzzy but it's of his face while his class sang to him so I just couldn't resist. He LOVES any and everyone singing Happy Birthday to him. I hope he keeps this pure joy on his birthday for years and years to come.
He got cards in the mail after school which was super special to him, and he got phone calls throughout the afternoon and evening. He was quite popular... And he loved every second. =)
I let him pick his birthday meal for supper and he told me he'd like chili or "that Pioneer Woman recipe" aka Sour Cream Noodle Bake. He wanted to be surprised so I went with chili because it's easier. And he requested we sing Happy Birthday to him again after we finished saying the blessing. I'm telling you, this birthday was BIG and he definitely made the most of it. After we ate there was a few slices of cookie cake leftover so we let the boys have it for dessert as one more birthday treat.

Garrison's 5th birthday seemed to be special, fun, exciting, and a really big deal to my oldest baby. Yay!! I'm thankful he had such an awesome day full of celebrations and love and attention from family and friends. He is very blessed. =) Happy Birthday again to my absolute very favorite 5 year old!!

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