Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Garrison Cade!!
Today at 12:33 PM, YOU, our very first baby turns 5. A whole hand. I can hardly believe it. And I am so grateful God chose me to be your mama. SO grateful. What a blessing. One of the biggest ever!
Here's a few fun facts about you as you turn 5 YEARS OLD:
*You love and adore your little brother. (Even Layton who you haven't even met). You play with him, encourage him, comfort him, wrestle with him, and fight with him. Y'all are best friends (with some rifts thrown in) and that makes me sooo happy!
*You love sports! ALL sports. You will watch just about any sport on TV and ask questions the whole time and pick a team or person to "go for". You are definitely our child. =)
*You are so, so thoughtful and have the biggest heart. You ask to mail cards to your grandparents without any prompting at all from us. You ask how sick family members or friends are doing. You are concerned about people and things around you... even our poor carpet that's being replaced. You told me just last night Mama you're gonna feel all better once the baby is out. You also told me recently, You're the best mama in the whole wide house! Oh, how I appreciate you!
*You are very passionate.... which sometimes means a short temper and very little self-control. I'm praying God uses this for good because you can be quite intense at times. =)
*Your absolute favorite show right now is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. You've also taken a new interest in TV shows altogether. TV time is a new big deal to you. We're thinking you're ready to go see a movie at the theater soon.
*You are loving board games right now. You still enjoy card games, but board games are your game of choice lately.  
*You are becoming very curious and concerned about Kindergarten. I think you inherited some of my anxiety traits... sorry! No matter where you start your "big school" career, I know that you will be great.
*Playing outside is one of your favorite things to do. You still love to drive your car around and play soccer or baseball with daddy, but you also love to dig. And explore. And rake leaves. And pretend. And get really, really dirty.
*You have a big time sweet tooth. It's huge. Just like mine.
*Your favorite team ever is the Braves. You are a huge Chipper Jones and Freddie Freeman fan. I'm already excited about our summer tradition of a game at Turner Field.  
*You love the beach. You're talking about our trip already. You aren't a fan of big waves but you love the sand and the ocean when it's calm and just about everything to do with vacation.
*You love celebrating birthdays. Family birthdays, kids birthdays, grown-up birthdays, you name it. It's one of your most favorite things.
*You are so smart. And I'm not just saying that... you really are! You retain and comprehend information so well. I love to hear you tell us about what you learned in Sunday School. Because you really get it!
*You are loving your Magic Treehouse chapter books right now. We're on book 6 and they have you hooked. =)
*You still like to play and work with your hands. You build and tie and stack and create all kinds of things with different toys. 
We have loved you since we knew you were on the way and have loved watching you grow! We are so thankful to celebrate this birthday with you! You are our pride and joy and we adore you! Happy 5th birthday to our oldest baby boy!!

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Happy Birthday, Garrison!