Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine Fun

This year's Valentine's Day was totally different than years past. This year, Valentine's Day was our first day home together as a family of 5. It was sweet, special, and a tad exhausting. =)

School was cancelled for us again due to the Winter storm so even though Valentine's was on a Friday we were all home together. I was actually really thankful the big boys didn't have school because it meant we could all sleep late (sort of) and have a really laid back day at home. No where to go or be. It was very nice after our rough first night home with Mr. Latyon.

The boys woke us up Friday morning and I made them strawberry muffins as a special treat. They love muffins and I only make them occasionally so it was a great start to our day. Then they got to open their Valentine boxes (found in Target's dollar section). They each got some stickers, play doh, and a new fork and spoon (also found in Target's dollar section).

After going through their boxes they opened 1 present...
The game Hi Ho! Cherry-O. This is a game they can both play... although Austin is still getting the hang of it. It's been a big hit for Garrison so far and I'm thinking it'll be more and more fun for Austin as he gets older.
We spent the day playing with their new goodies and hanging out around the house. Then, later on in the day a surprise arrived for me... beautiful roses from my hubby! I was totally shocked. He had ordered them on Monday before all the craziness happened.
Our sweet neighbors brought supper over for us that night and we called it a day as early as possible. And that was it. Super simple, sweet, and low-key. Plus special since we all spent the day loving on Layton.

Then the boys got to celebrate Valentine's Day at school on yesterday. They both had little parties and got to exchange Valentines with their classmates. This year I found a really cute printable on Every Day Cheer that I attached to a bag of mini goldfish. Technically they were supposed to be tied onto the bags with ribbon but mama was doing good just to get these printed and assembled on time so we just taped 'em on and went with it. I thought they turned out cute. Both boys had lots of fun at school celebrating with parties and friends and cute Valentines.
Then, last night my big boy had his Valentine Program at school. This is our school's only school wide program during the year so it's a big deal. And because I just couldn't miss it, the whole family went... Layton and I included.
Garrison did GREAT. He was focused and attentive and quite the performer singing his heart out.
And my personal favorite (and his) was the Pre-K rendition of What Does the Fox Say? It was sooo cute!
Austin and Layton did great during the program as well. Yay for a successful first outing as a family of 5!
And I just couldn't resist a picture of all my boys in red. 3 out of 4 of my Valentines. =)



Megan said...

How precious is that last picture?!? I love it! And just noticed blog name needs a change! =)

Meggie said...

Thanks! I def need a name change and some updated pics... think you're up for it??