Monday, February 10, 2014

Good, Bad, and Crazy Weekend

*Good: Terrell didn't have to work late Friday so we enjoyed delicious take-out at a decent hour AND let the boys watch 2 shows after supper while enjoying a bowl full of snacks. They were so cute eating their Cheez-Its, cereal, and mini m & m's combo. Garrison has now requested they get to do that every Friday night. =)

*Bad: Austin woke up around midnight Friday holding his ears and crying his eyes out and needing mama. Bless his heart. Both boys have been fighting a cough and cold all week and apparently the ear infection was a result of that.

*Crazy: I decided to take Austin to the Saturday clinic at our pediatrician's office so he could go ahead and get some relief. We got there before it opened and there was already a large group gathered outside waiting for the doors to open. We ended up being number 9 in line. Wow.

*Good: Austin was diagnosed and given ear drops and we were able to enjoy the rest of our Saturday... beautiful weather, time outside, and an early Valentine's Day for Terrell and I. We got our traditional Long Horn take-out, dessert from Dairy Queen (because we're members of the Blizzard Fan Club... duh), and rented a movie! Our first rented movie in months and months.

*Bad: Everything went great about the whole evening (including the first half of our movie- Captain Phillips- which I highly recommend) until our big boy woke up holding his ear and crying his eyes out. Broke my heart. We got him taken care of and settled again before turning the movie back on...

*Crazy: We were able to watch the entire second half of the movie in 10-20 minute increments because both boys woke up approximately 17 times uncomfortable or in pain. Finally I just cried with them because I felt so helpless and hated to see them hurting so bad. Plus it was just exhausting. At one point we were rushing the crying kid out of the room in an attempt to not wake the sleeping kid and taking the crying kid to the nursery to rock and comfort. Not sure what we'll do once Layton is occupying the nursery. We finally made it to the end of the movie... which took us about 4 hours to finish... not exaggerating. Sigh. The whole idea of an at-home date night is nice and special, but the reality of an at-home date night... not so much.

*Good: The whole house was in bed and asleep around 1:00 AM and we all slept the whole night. It was an early Valentine miracle.

*Bad: Now it looks like I have whatever the boys had all week. A cough and cold. Boohoo!

*Crazy: We had to miss church. Again. Maybe one day we can go every week again.

*Good: The weather was beautiful yesterday and the boys got to play outside most of the afternoon. We also did some house-cleaning and are trying to make things as normal and ready as possible to welcome Layton home. (Even though we'll probably be right in the middle of replacing carpet when he comes home. How fun.) AND, last but not least, everyone slept good last night. Yay!!!

And that sums up our good, bad, and crazy weekend.

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