Sunday, February 16, 2014

Love At First Sight

Garrison and Austin arrived back home from a stay with Nana and Pops on Thursday night... the day we got to come home from the hospital. We were SO ready to see them and have them home! I missed my big boys lots. And the situation with the weather and them not being home at our house with grandparents like our original plan didn't help things. (More on all that later when I finally get around to Layton's birth story.) Anyway, they finally got home Thursday night and I will cherish the memories of them walking in and meeting Layton. Most PRECIOUS thing EVER.

I didn't cry but I wanted to. They were so sweet and so excited and so in love I just about melted into a puddle. God has totally shown us favor with the reception Garrison and Austin have had to Layton. They love and adore him like I never could have predicted. And so far the newness hasn't worn off. =) They ask to hold him 10 times a day and kiss him and check on him and touch him about 50 times a day. We have to keep a close eye on baby brother but I am beyond grateful at just how smitten they are over him. *Big, contented, grateful sigh.*

Here's a peek into big brothers meeting baby brother...

They walked in the back door and immediately started searching for mama and Baby Layton. They were so ready to see us too. And they were in love the second they laid eyes on their baby brother.

There were lots of hugs...
And holding...

And sweetness...
And smiling... and excitement... and pure joy in those first few minutes.

They all wore their adorable shirts I had made and were absolutely precious. Now I just need a posed picture of all 3 boys in their shirts.

I'm telling you, PURE JOY.
Melt my heart.

All 4 boys. =)
(Please ignore our walls in the background. Things still aren't quite back to normal around here after our busted pipe.)
The introduction of my big boys to my baby boy could not have gone any better than it did. It was such a sincere, joyful, celebration of love at first sight... like I said, I could have totally melted into a puddle. And we are praising God from Whom ALL blessings flow because it is His doing.
Every good and perfect gift is from above... James 1:17

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