Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend 2015

We had a really wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It was exciting, fun, and full of celebrations! So thankful for the sacrifices of so many so we can enjoy the freedoms we do here in the USA!

The excitement of the weekend kicked off for us on Saturday with Garrison's last regular season game... and it was a big one! Our team was undefeated and this game determined if we would be named champions or if we'd have to play in a play-off game to determine the champions. I was crazy nervous for a T-ball game!!

My #5 is the lead-off hitter and I was able to capture this shot of him walking up to bat with a little brother watching closely right behind the fence. So sweet!

It totally took me back to this moment back in 2013... My #4 up to bat (coach-pitched in wee-ball... craziness!) with little 19 month old Austin watching his big brother. They were both so little!!

After a really close start to the game, we were able to hold the other team and win 1st place!!! It was sooo exciting!! And nerve wracking! Gracious. Garrison had a GREAT game! He made 3 different plays/outs at 2nd base and had a good game at the plate and drove in some runs. Even though I was waaay too nervous for a T-ball game, it was a really fun game to watch!

We're super thankful for the amazing season the Red Trojans had...and for coach daddy... who was pretty awesome this season too. =) Now it's on to All-Stars for my biggest. Not sure why All-Stars are necessary for T-ball but we're excited nonetheless. Ha. Because Terrell was assistant coach for the "T-ball champions", he will also be coaching the All-Star team. So baseball continues for the Selph household for a bit longer. =)
After finishing up at the ball fields and getting everyone in the bath and cleaned up, it was time for AnAn and Frankie's big gender reveal!

They went to a local place called "Sneak a Peek" and the whole family went in to see Baby O together! It was such a neat place! And such a special experience!! We all found out together............................................. IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

It was sort of shocking for us to hear those 3 words!! Ha! Even though we really had no idea or feeling boy or girl, with us, it's always a boy.... so I think deep down I must've thought Baby O was boy! Hahaha! We are thrilled for the proud parents and so excited to meet our niece, Piper Caroline, in November!

And I must elaborate on the name. =) Piper is my mom's maiden name and my middle name, and Carol is my mom's middle name, hence Caroline. Such a sweet, special, southern, family name. We can't wait to meet her!!

After the appointment we all went out to eat together at our fave Mexican restaurant and Terrell and I made a quick run by the store to pick up a pink balloon and a congratulations cookie cake. We had the best time celebrating the news of Piper Caroline. Even though a boy would've been awesome because hello boy cousins and fitting right in, we are ECSTATIC over adding a girl to the mix. Finally! =)

Time for some family pics!

Sunday was another great day! We snapped a picture of our patriotic babies before going to church where we enjoyed such a special service. Then we came home for naps for the whole fam (glorious!) before heading over to my parents' house for a Memorial Day grill out and get-together.

We had so much fun! Granna and Papa prepared a delicious feast for us and the boys had a blast playing with water guns and running through a beach ball sprinkler!

And some tractor riding was involved too. =)

It was so good to get together with family and talk and laugh and let the boys play. It was the best. =)

On Monday we all slept late and tried to clean the house before going over to Terrell's parents' house for another Memorial Day get-together. We were treated to another oh so yummy meal and the boys had lots of fun playing outside at Nana's and Pops'. There was a little swinging going on and a LOT of batting practice going on. =) We had a great time and made it home in time for naps. Yay for extra rest!

After a solo trip to the grocery store, extra play time for the boys with daddy, leftovers for supper, throwing everybody in the bath, reading books, and getting 3 little men put to bed, we wrapped up our long weekend relaxing on the couch and watching one of our shows. =)

Our official kick off to Summer 2015 was one of the best!

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