Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some of my Favorite Things About Being Their Mom

Every year at some point during Mother's Day week, I make a list of some of my favorite things about being mom to my boys. This year makes my 6th list (since the blog didn't exist before 2010), so I would say it's definitely become a tradition. One that captures a glimpse of each boy's personality and each boy's relationship with me at this point in time and documents my favorite, most special traits of all 3!

But first, a quick step back in time... to Christmastime. Ha! My most recent, good picture of just me and the boys. =)


*Receiving your special gifts. You are a big gift giver and it is such a joy to receive those sweet gifts. The thought behind your gifts is so sincere and special I could not be more thankful to receive them! I especially love your cards and pictures. =)

*The way you want me to carry you to the bathroom every morning. This just started this year in Kindergarten since it's an earlier wake-up call than ever before and those first several mornings were oh so hard to get out of bed, so you asked me to carry you! And even though you're my big 6 year old I will carry you from that bunk bed ladder across the hall for as long as I'm needed! =)

*Watching you be a big brother to Austin and Layton. You and Austin are very close and the best of friends. You fight a ton but you love each other BIG and you are great at including Austin and sharing with him and being considerate of him. And you are amazing with Layton! You love to make him laugh and help out with him and include him in as much as you can. Your little brothers are blessed to have you!  

*Your love of animals and your fascination with all of their facts. You love learning about them, reading about them, watching shows about them, etc, etc. You are an animal encyclopedia right now and it's one of my favorite things!

*Watching you perform! This one has made the list every year! You are an attentive student and performer and always do a great job with any performance you've ever been a part of. My heart smiles when I watch you perform.

*The way you love your family. You are a family guy through and through. Even though you are our most independent son so far, you love us being together and you love your extended family. Your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are your favorite people. And the excitement you've expressed over AnAn and Frankie's baby has been priceless!

*Watching you play sports. This is another repeat on the list year after year. =) You love sports and you're competitive and athletic which always makes watching you play lots of fun!

*Witnessing you become more and more mature. Especially during times you're away from home and your parents. Your teacher at school and teachers at church have all told me stories of you showing maturity (and integrity!) when you're with them. We are so proud of you!

*Listening to you pray. When we are praying for something specific or thanking God for something specific, your prayers are so sincere and heartfelt and mature. They almost always bring a tear to my eyes. They are so precious and always reveal just how much you understand. I love listening to you pray.

*Reading your stories. This is a new one because writing stories just started in Kindergarten but they are so good! They are sweet and thoughtful and sometimes funny too. And the illustrations are so impressive! Writing and drawing both seem to be strengths of yours.

I am thankful and honored to be your mama Garrison Cade. I love you!!


*The way you love our school time. Every morning after both babies are down for their morning naps and you've had a chance to watch your show, you always come find me and say I'm ready for school stuff mama! I've loved formally teaching you this school year and the way you've responded with enthusiasm and excitement over our themes and our crafts. 

*The way you never meet a stranger. You are our social butterfly. You will carry on a conversation with anyone and you are the friendliest little guy we know. While this has made for some awkward moments for your mama (like the way you asked if a boy was a girl because he had long hair in front of several witnesses and the way you asked someone what their tattoos were and gave both arms a thorough inspection), it is what makes you oh so likable and special. We have yet to meet anyone who hasn't been smitten with you. You are our charmer and flirt and have all the ladies in your life (especially your Sunday School teachers) totally wrapped. =)

*Watching you as both a little brother and a big brother. You are really great at both and have a pretty special relationship with Garrison and Layton. They both adore you, laugh at you, have fun with you, and are so blessed to have you! Brotherly love is the real deal at our house. 

*Reading to you everyday at naptime. I love that we still do this. You sit in my lap and pick out a couple of books and it's just a sweet time for us every single day.

*Your hugs, kisses, and cuddles! You are still the biggest, most affectionate cuddle bug. You love giving and getting hugs and kisses, still lay your head on our shoulders when we carry you, and still love sitting in our laps. I'm planning to enjoy it for as long as it lasts!

*Your oh so funny side. You do not mind being the center of attention and enjoy making people laugh. You have a lot of your daddy's personality. =) But you also crack us up all the time without even realizing it... by the things you say or the looks you give, you can be hilarious and it's one of my favorite things!

*Watching you play sports. I have loved watching you play your first organized team sports this year! You usually take your roles seriously and have so much fun playing and showing your athleticism... which makes you so much fun to watch. =) 

*The way you love me. This one makes the list every year. =) You are still a mama's boy and have a sweet way of making me feel like the most special, most loved mama around. And I love that.

*Listening to you talk about all of your imaginary friends and places. Since Garrison started big school and we ask him about his day everyday, you've started telling us about your day too... your imaginary day. =) Sally is your best imaginary friend and we enjoy hearing all about what she's up to and the things y'all do at "school". It's always entertaining!

*Witnessing the joy you bring to others. You have a contagious way about you that everyone loves and can't get enough of. I love the way you so easily make people smile and bring them joy. You are a blessing to many!

I am thankful and honored to be your mama Austin Selph. I love you!!


*Watching you walk and toddle around all over the place. Even though you've been walking about month, it is still one of my favorite things ever to watch! It's the cutest, sweetest sight!

*Rocking you before naps and bedtime. You are back to loving being rocked. Yay. =) I read you 2 books and then you're ready to lay your head on my chest and just be rocked and sang to. It's one of my favorite parts of the day.

*Watching the way you love and adore your big brothers. You light up when you see them and they can make you laugh like nobody else can. You love watching them and trying to keep up with them and they still can't get enough of you! They are so blessed to have you!

*The way you light up when you see us... after you wake up, when we're picking you up from church nursery or the grandparents, or just after we get home from being out for a while. You know how to make us feel loved and wanted!

*Carrying you around. Even though you give me a work-out, I love that you still want to be held and carried. Because I know this stage won't last long, I'm trying to soak it up! Work out and all. =)

*Watching you with your daddy. The big boys play with daddy all the time and gets lots and lots of his attention, so times you spend with him seem to be extra special. You are blessed with a GREAT daddy and he is blessed to have another baby boy!

*The way you enjoy bath time. It's probably your favorite part of the day and I love watching you play and explore the water. Sometimes your baths are super fast because it's past your bedtime or the big boys are waiting for their turn, but whether your bath is speedy or extra long, you smile and have fun and love every minute!

*Making you all better when you're hurt or upset. Kissing boo-boos and extra hugs and comfort when you need it are my favorites. I'm thankful I can still make everything all better. Most of the time anyway. =)

*Watching you play and interact with your big brothers and with Baby A. It's just the sweetest thing and so special. I love the friends and playmates you have in all of them. 

*Hearing you say ma-ma. Even though you're starting to say ma-ma just a little more, it's still rare compared to da-da. Ha! So hearing you call me ma-ma is one of my very favorite things!

I am thankful and honored to be your mama Layton Thomas Selph. I love you!!

Feeling extra blessed and loved this Mother's Day week. So thankful God chose me to be Garrison's, Austin's, and Layton's mama. I am triple blessed! Happy Wednesday! =)

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