Thursday, May 7, 2015

Easter/Spring Pictures 2015

This year our Easter/Spring pictures were a little different from the previous 3 years. Since we no longer live near our photographer (who was 9 months pregnant come Easter) and Ollie the bunny, and we had rain for days and days throughout the Spring, we had to move on to a Plan B. Which this time around meant us taking the pictures ourselves and then passing them along to our one and only Megan for editing. =)

One way or another I was determined to stick with our annual tradition and commitment. Professional family pics in the Fall and Easter outfit pics of the boys in the Spring. It took a whole lot of effort and rescheduling and determination, but we did it! And even though they're more Spring than Easter this year, I am in LOVE!! This is why I want to keep the tradition we've started. Because it's worth it!

We decided to take the boys to our church for our "photo shoot". Not only a picture perfect back drop around the grounds but also a super sentimental and special place. Thanks to awesome editing by Megan, we are so thrilled with how they turned out! Taking pictures of 3 boys... with one of them being 14 months old is not easy! But the pictures turned out so good (again BIG thanks to Megan!!) and really capture their personalities right now. We love them!! 

Here are our favorites...

Easter pics from the past.... 2012, 2013, 2014.

Happy Thursday from the 3 cutest boys I know!!


Megan said...

I was wondering if you liked them! That first one is just priceless, I love it SO much! Three sweet boys you have there Megs!

Brandi Swatts said...

Love them!!!