Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Favorites: 2 for 1 Edition

Since I wasn't able to do my favorites last Friday but still had lots of pictures and happenings to share, I'm throwing in last week's with this week's. It's kind of long but little moments I want to remember. Hence the 2 for 1 deal. =)

Before I get to my favorites I have to say the month of May is about to do me in. There is soooooo much happening and this mama is EXHAUSTED. We have something going on every single night of the week, including weekends, with no end in sight. I am so worn out!! May really is the new December. Maybe even busier. But without all the Christmas fun. Ha. Hopefully we'll catch our breath soon despite the whole no end in sight issue. In the meantime, these favorites are what's keeping me going. I think I can, I think I can....

*The Saturday before last, that makes it almost 2 weeks ago, we went out to eat at one of our new fave restaurants with my parents. So fun, so delicious! These 3 were super impressed as well. Balloons tied to a snack are part of their love language. =)

*The next morning while the rest of the fam was getting ready for church, this little man helped himself to Frosted Flakes. Gracious. (Don't judge the shenanigans in the bottom of my pantry. We have limited options here something serious.)

*Having fun at practice and ready to play baseball just like his big brothers!

*Mother's Day week is super special around here. Love these sweet words from my firstborn and the picture of me cooking. =)

*Last Tuesday was our only night at home with no where to be in days and days. So we made the most of it! Time outside and daddy grilling. So needed and so wonderful.

*Last week Austin made this jellyfish during school time. He painted the paper plate and cut the tissue paper himself with just a little assistance. It was a fun craft.

*More Mother's Day sweetness from Garrison Cade.

*Last week Austin and I also learned about the way lots of ocean animals use camouflage for protection. Then we made something to demonstrate how camouflage works. Can you find our fish? =)

*On the way to close on the sell of our house!!!!!! (Bailey went too. Haha. She had her last appointment with our vet there.)

*Austin's Mother's Day gift he made for me in Sunday School. Love, love, love. =)

*The equivalent to dolls at our house. Ha! Superheros all tucked in and ready for bed.

*This week Austin painted and "glittered" a sparkly starfish during school time. =)

*This week Austin, Layton, and I enjoyed the end of year Story Time party at the library. My middle had a ball and I was thankful he got to enjoy his very own end of year party.

*Morning walks with my babies have resumed! The pollen finally calmed down. Of course it's a little too hot for my liking but all of us enjoy getting out so it's worth it. =)

*My Kindergartner came home from school Wednesday and told me he wanted to give AnAn something for all the star bursts and skittles she's given him this year. Then he came up with this sweet little note for her all by himself. He put it in her mailbox for her and told her to check her mail. =) He was so excited to hear she loved it. It brought the biggest smile to his face. He's such a sweet and thoughtful little man.

*Pattern block ocean animals! Lots of fine motor practice, good shape review, and even an introduction to some newbies. I'm running on fumes but we're making it through our last theme of the year slowly but surely. Summer is almost here!!

Favorite read this week: Praying for My Marriage. Such a great reminder. Especially given the craziness of this month and the fact that Terrell and both are stretched thin right now. I enjoyed it. =)

This weekend is a full one but it's still the weekend! Still extra time with my favorite guys and a little extra rest and sleep too I hope! Happy Friday!!

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