Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Favorites: 1st Week of Summer Edition

Our first week of summer has been both a huge success and a huge challenge. Yay for the successes! Despite our challenges I have been sooo thankful for how well our first week has gone. The big boys are having so much fun together already and are getting along GREAT, and mama has been pretty laid back with our summer days so far. Double yay!

Here are my favorite happenings from our 1st week of summer...

*Friday was our 1st official day of summer so the big boys and I sat down together to make some summer goals. This is the very first summer I've asked for their input and what they'd like to do. During previous summers I've been very organized and structured and had lots and lots of plans to keep us busy and having fun. This summer all that jazz just isn't going to work. We have too much big stuff happening. So I asked my big boys what they'd like to make sure we do this summer. At first they only said really big things but eventually with hints and suggestions from me, they were able to come up with a good, well rounded list. =) This is now on our fridge and they've already done a few of them!

*Garrison's T-ball team winning the championship was a definite favorite! Our first ever big team celebration was so fun!

*Finding out Baby O is a girl!!! So excited for all things girl headed our way!

*I've been getting Garrison to read a book or two to me everyday while Austin and Layton are napping and one afternoon after Austin woke up, he read his book to Austin. It was the sweetest. =)

*This little man has been ON THE GO. He is one busy boy! I think I'd forgotten just how busy this age is and how much they can get into. He gives me a daily workout for sure! Even though he wears me out, he is the cutest thing and I can't get enough of him!

*The big boys have spent quite a bit of time at their table coloring and making cards this week. This table used to be in their room before we moved to the rental house and was probably used weekly for special crafts or a special picnic, etc. Since it's in the kitchen area in the rental house it's used daily. Multiple times a day. All the time. It was Garrison's homework area during the school year. Mine and Austin's school area everyday. They color and craft at this table every single day. So we may need to make space for it in our kitchen at the new house... Hmmmm... Decisions, decisions.

*We made cloud dough this week! This was in the plans for me and Austin to do together as part of our Ocean/Beach theme that we didn't get to. So we did it this week with Garrison! It's messy but super fun. They used scoops and measuring cups and baby spoons to play in it while the babies napped one morning. I'm sure we'll be playing in it again soon. =)

*Oh, All-Stars. We just aren't feeling the love from you at the moment. Big sigh. While I am thrilled my baby was chosen and excited for him to experience this first, the practices and upcoming tournament are just way too much. When did T-ball become an Olympic sport?? It has been both a huge and exhausting commitment and sacrifice for the whole family. Thankfully we *hope* we've reached a turning point. Because practicing every single night for 2 hours just isn't working. For any of us. Our family of 5 has been together for approximately 15 minutes a day all week. Boo. We did decide to go to practice together on Wednesday night. And even though Terrell and Garrison were on the field the whole time, it was nice all being there together and getting to watch Garrison and daddy. I'm praying this turns into a better experience for everybody... especially my biggest and his teammates.

*While our evenings this week haven't been the best, our days have been awesome! These 2 brothers are loving all of their play time together. Fighting bad guys has never been so fun!

*And we can't forget about baby brother who loves getting in on the action too! =)

*The big boys have also played lots and lots of games together this week. I've played a few with them and they've played some on their own. The current favorite is War. =)

*Getting this sweet baby up from his naps every day is one of my favorite things! He is always so happy to see me and so excited to see what his brothers are up to.

Sometimes he's so excited he just picks up Scout and gives him a big hug! =)

We are so thankful it's Friday and so thankful for our great 1st week of summer! Even though our evening schedule has been challenging, disappointing, and exhausting, we have been BLESSED with some great 1st days of summer. I am counting my blessings big time!! This weekend we have a special T-ball banquet, yet another All-Star practice, and we hope some good quality family time! Happy Friday!!

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