Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Favorites: Last Week of School Edition

TGIF!! This week has been a wild one. It's been the week of parties and programs. Like every day. =) I'm worn out on this Friday morning but what a fun week we've had! We're so thankful we made it to Friday, the long weekend, and summer break!! 

Here are my favorite happenings from our last week of school...

*Sunday night our big boys had their choir program at church. All the choirs from 3 year olds through 6 grade perform several songs and are given medals for their attendance. It was such a sweet program! I did not stop smiling the whole time my big boys' choir sang. It was so precious!! And funny! The whole choir did great and weren't intimidated at all by the sanctuary full of people. There is something so special about seeing and hearing your babies sing praises to God and tell about His love and goodness. I loved every second of it. 

*This week I was a slacker when it came to school time for Austin. I just didn't have the time (or energy!) to prepare anything for us to do each day. And some days we were just too busy anyway. (I'm hoping to finish out our Ocean/Beach theme with both my big boys.) Instead, my one-on-one quality time with my middle came in the form of playing games together every day. He picked 2 or 3 games for us to play every single morning, and I'd say our games definitely came with some educational value. =)

*The whole family enjoyed Austin's wee-ball banquet this week! It was such a fun season for him and I think we all loved his first experience with organized baseball. He's been playing with daddy and Garrison since he was old enough to swing a bat, but this team experience was such a good one for him. And lots of fun for us to watch!

*Garrison played in his next to last "regular season" game this week. He has also had a really fun season and he's enjoyed playing on daddy's team so much. This is his 3rd year playing and his 1st on a winning team. =) So that's been a huge bonus! I've loved watching both him and Terrell this season. One more game to go!

*More game time with Austin! Just counting his cards after a big win. =)

*Garrison Cade enjoyed his very last day of Kindergarten! This year came with lots of change for our biggest and we are so proud of his hard work and his great Kindergarten year! Yesterday was such a bittersweet day. Here's a recap of him on his first day of school. He's grown so much! It really is true that you should study your kids' faces every single day because they change and grow up so fast!

*All my littles waiting for Granna to arrive yesterday. My mom came over to keep Layton and Baby A so Austin and I could go to Garrison's little awards program at school. I'm so thankful she could do it and that I was able to be there for Garrison's special program.

 *Ready to sing and perform and graduate from Kindergarten!

*Garrison with his teacher! He is really going to miss Mrs. Wilson but he's also excited about being able to visit her next year at Open House and to see her around school. =) It definitely made the goodbyes yesterday easier.

*Garrison with 2 of his besties this year!

*Sweet brothers walking out of the school together on Garrison's last day of Kindergarten. Melt my heart. We are so looking forward to having Garrison home with us all summer long!

*We enjoyed the pretty, slightly cooler weather yesterday afternoon. This little man loves riding in Austin's old car. =)

*And last night Austin played in his last wee-ball game of the season. He was the cutest. He took his role pretty serious while also having lots of fun. He kept us laughing the whole game! Watching him play this season has been such a treat.

Today is our first day of summer! Even though Baby A will be here a few more days, we've already kicked things off by sleeping just a little later this morning and lots of fun playtime for all the boys. We have a pretty fun, exciting, long weekend coming up that we are very much looking forward to. Happy Friday, Happy Summer!!

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