Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Time for School

Well the little man is officially a student and classmate. His first day of preschool was today and it appears that he did great! We are so excited about the school year for him and about all of the new things he'll learn and experience. He will be attending First Baptist Covington's 1 year old class every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00 until 1:00.

We decided to enroll him in preschool for two reasons. The first was because we felt that his interaction with others kids and toddlers was really limited and that he needed more social interaction with his "peers". Being home with me all the time means that he's playing with me, Bailey, or independently and there's only so much I can provide for him in terms of learning experiences. He has some interaction with older preschoolers at Bible Study (and church in Covington), and some interaction with other toddlers in the nursery when we're able to go to church in Barnesville.... but that's about it. We know that now he will have a chance to interact and play with other toddlers and learn and experience so many new things.

The second reason we made this decision is because of how much it will help me as I attempt to work from home everyday. Because my income with Premier is an important part of our family's income, I treat Premier as my own business (which it is), and if I want to stay in business then I have to work regularly and consistently. I started Premier when Garrison was 6 months old and since then I've been able to work around his schedule. I do all of my invitations, phone calls, emails, submitting of orders, preparing for shows, etc while he is napping or occasionally in the evenings after he's in bed. Now that he's older, more active, harder to keep up with, and only taking 1 nap a day, finding time to work has become more of a challenge. I've only experienced a handful of days so far with just the 1 nap, but that changes things a ton. I'm a lot more tired and by the time he's taking a nap I feel ready for one too... which makes it harder for me to be really productive since I'm sleepy. So this will make a huge difference in me getting things done with Premier and around the house. I'm also excited because I'll now be able to schedule any meetings with hostesses or prospects around his school schedule. Hopefully that means no more worrying about him behaving/being quiet/listening to me in a restuarant or someone else's home while we talk about or close their show.

Okay, enough about all that. We had Open House on Friday and met his teachers and saw his room. It was a little crazy because there were so many parents and kids everywhere, but it was still really helpful and informational. Since Garrison is in the 1 year old class I will be walking him in everyday and going into his room to pick him up everyday. I'm so excited that one of Garrison's little classmates is someone we know. A girl that I taught with at Livingston (who is going to be staying home this year) has a 1 year old little boy named Tripp, and he is in Garrison's class. Hopefully they will be best buds! The picture below is me and the little man standing right outside of his school building on Open House holding his new folder with his name on it. By this point he was extra tired and the paci was required.

Now, fast-forward to this morning.... This morning was little crazy because I had to get myself completely ready and presentable, plus get Garrison ready and presentable, plus get breakfast ready and both of us fed, and then make pictures before leaving the house. We were a little rushed, but thankfully Terrell was home since Tuesday is a Social Circle day, so he was able to help a ton.

Ready for school

Is everything in there Daddy?

His bag is as big as he is. =)

We made it to the church in plenty of time and Garrison was the 2nd one to arrive in his room.

A little later with some of the other boys and girls. (If I counted correctly, there are 5 boys and 3 girls in his class).

Working on a puzzle with Ms. Brandi, one of his teachers

Checking things out as he works on his puzzle

Garrison and Tripp... future best buds!

Garrison was very calm and mellow the entire time I was there. He never cried, but he also wasn't jumping for joy. He stayed sitting at the table with his puzzle just about the whole time. I think he was a little apprehensive and just trying to check things out. I stayed in the room with him until his other classmates arrived and made pictures and talked to the teachers before hugging and kissing him bye (but without lingering because I definitely didn't want to make him cry). Then Kelli (my friend from Livingston) and her husband Travis and I all went and stood outside the room but looked in through a window (one that they couldn't see us through) and watched our babies for a few more minutes. I think it helped having them there because I didn't want to cry in front of someone I knew!
It felt a little strange leaving him there and not knowing what he'd be doing until 1:00, but at the same time I had a peace about it and felt excited for him too. I passed the time at home by getting lots of cleaning done and I got back to the church about 12:45 to pick him up. He didn't run into my arms or smile a huge smile when he saw me... he just kept trying to pull his chair away from a little girl who had come over and was trying to sit in it... oh well. Maybe one day soon he'll run into my arms when I come pick him up. His teachers said he did great and we're looking forward to Thursday and adjusting even more to our new routine of school twice a week.

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