Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites: Fall is Here Edition

Even though Fall doesn't officially arrive until September 23rd, for us, this was our first week of Fall! And we enjoyed it to the fullest. =)

Here's a look at my favorites from our week...

*After school fun with pattern blocks for my big boys. It was their idea and occupied them at the table while I started on supper. 

*Monday Night football before bedtime! Our Falcons pulled it off!! Despite the 2nd half being a little ugly for us we came away with a win and reported the good news to the boys on Tuesday morning. Fall is definitely here now. =) We're looking forward to watching the Falcons lots this season. 

*Austin is slowly giving up his naps. Sort of. We reached a point where he had a hard time falling asleep during naptime and then a point where we had to keep the naps short if he did nap so he could fall asleep at bedtime. So, our new system is that he only has to have a rest time in his room on days that he doesn't go to school and he's free to play in his room and have "quiet time". (On school days he has rest time in the living room and we read books together and he gets to watch a show or play something independently.) Then he almost always falls asleep and I have to wake him up when it's time to pick Garrison up from school. One day this week I walked in his room to wake him up and found books lining the floor... a whole big path and train of them. Apparently he was making a road for his hotwheels. I love that he got creative during his rest time but cringed at the clean up involved. Haha!

*We spent some evenings outside this week that were so nice! My big boys live and breathe soccer right now. =)

*Daddy also grilled for us one night and Layton got to hang out with him on the deck while I finished up supper inside. 

*Family Game Night is still a huge hit! This week we were back to Yahtzee per Garrison's choice. So fun!

*Speaking of games, Austin Selph loves games right now. His latest obsession is Crazy 8's. We've played everyday this week at least twice a day. Once is never enough, a quick win is never satisfying, and we always have to play til he wins. =)

*We got outside for a walk yesterday morning thanks to the cooler temps. Austin rode around in his car while I pushed the little ones in the stroller. Love our quiet little neighborhood!

*Yesterday afternoon after Baby A was picked up and the boys had done a few "chores" so we could have a longer stretch to play outside, the big boys came up with a game while I was starting supper and folding clothes before we went out. They made up a game show and their paper airplanes were the contestants! Austin was like the host as he introduced the contestants, announced when they could take off, determined the winner, etc, and Garrison was the airplane flyer. They loved playing this and I just thought it was creative and adorable. Siblings having fun together is the best! (Austin is standing on a stool in this picture. He didn't grow two feet overnight. Haha.)

*While I was getting supper ready I looked out the kitchen window and saw all 4 of my loves outside. So thankful for the family God has blessed me with!

*We all went back outside after supper too. Thursdays are usually soccer nights but practice was cancelled due to Buggy Days festivities so we made the most of our night off. Layton had to go in just a little early but as soon as I said the word bath he was ready to park his car. =) Bath time is his favorite!

*Favorite read this week: How Not to Miss Your One Life- Or Overcommit the One Life You've Got. This was soo timely and encouraging for me. This week I've been a little guilty of comparing myself to others and this really reminded me to keep cherishing my days, enjoying my blessings, and to keep following His lead versus the lead of others. You should read it. =) And now I want her book

We are looking forward to a fun weekend! A laid back Friday night, Austin's first soccer game bright and early in the morning, a fun Buggy Days, and a birthday celebration with Terrell's side of the fam to wrap it all up on Sunday. Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend! 

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