Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Favorites: Short and Full Edition

This may have been a short week but it has still been a FULL one for the Selph fam. So full, that Terrell and I couldn't manage to be everywhere we needed to be on our own. Enter: Our moms. Aka, Granna and Nana. They've been here lots this week and we are sooo thankful!

Terrell had to go out of town Tuesday and Austin had soccer practice that night plus we had a pool guy scheduled to come over... back to back. So my mom met me at the soccer field, fed the boys after we got home, put them all in the bath, and put Layton to bed... all while I was outside talking to the pool guy for 17 hours. Then, Wednesday morning my mom came over to take Garrison to school since Baby A was here and Terrell was out of town. Then, about an hour later, Terrell's mom came over to stay with Layton and Baby A so I could take Austin to school on his first day without the babies in tow. Then, when it was time to pick Austin up, my mom came back over to feed the babies lunch so I could go pick Austin up without hungry little loves in the backseat. Later Wednesday afternoon, Terrell's mom came back over to pick up the big boys for choir to save me a trip and so I could make supper since I hadn't cooked yet this week. We almost needed one of them again on yesterday morning but thankfully Terrell and I were able to figure it out ourselves. It's just been craziness. Especially since both of our moms work full time. They saved us this week and were both so helpful and flexible and are even offering their services again this weekend. We are so blessed. And will hopefully be giving them a significant break coming up! 

Anyway, here's my short and sweet favorites since the big happenings this week have already been documented. =)

*This goes back to last week when Austin, Layton, and I had to make a trip to the grocery store to pick up some party items... and Austin reeally wanted to drive the car buggy and Layton reeally wanted to do it with him. So that was an interesting trip. Haha. At least they were cute and for the most part pretty good. 

*Celebrating this sweet boy's 4th birthday with him and seeing him experience his first day of school have been big time favorites of mine this week!!

*Garrison loves going to the library at school and checking out new books and this week he decided to check out a chapter book and has been so excited to read it. So far daddy has been reading it to him but I know he'll be ready to start reading chapter books on his own before we know it! 

*Since Terrell was out of town Tuesday night for family game night, we moved it to Wednesday night. Austin chose Zingo and it was a big hit! We'd never played before as a family and it was so fun! We love our new tradition. 

*This little man loves books. Yay. And he also loves emptying a whole basket full and "reading". It's the sweetest sight and his big brothers used to do the exact same thing. Love that all my boys love books and reading!

*Speaking of loving to read... Garrison Cade has started reading his Bible from the beginning one chapter at a time. It's great practice with reading and we've spotted several sight words and introduced some really big words, but it's also so special because he's reading from God's Word. I love listening to him. 

*Last night before bedtime, Terrell spotted a bunny rabbit in our backyard! You can see it right above Austin's head. The big boys were thrilled. He or she was the cutest thing and hung out there all night. It just moved around our yard and kept eating something in the grass. I think we've probably adopted it since it was back this morning and even Layton got to see it... we think. Haha. Last night we kept going on and on about how sweet it was and watching it's every move when Garrison said Oh, watching nature is so fun. Hahaha! It was so funny because he was so sincere and he sounded so grown up. Then Austin said One time when I was 18 I saw a bunny rabbit at Sally's. Or something like that. That one and his imagination. =)

*You can't see the bunny so good in this picture but it's there!

We are excited it's Friday and looking forward to our weekend! Tonight we're planning to take the big boys to our high school's football game. It's a huge rivalry game so it's going to be crowded and really loud. And hopefully not raining! Austin has assured us he's not scared and wants to go so hopefully he'll do okay and have fun. Then tomorrow is Garrison's first soccer game plus Terrell and I have a date planned. It should be a fun weekend! Happy Friday!!

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The Morrows said...

We love Family Game night!
I will have to get Zingo. I have never heard of it.