Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Buggy Days Weekend

Buggy Days weekend turned out really fun and really hot!! Just as predicted it felt like a scorching hot summer day on Saturday even though the days leading up to Buggy Days had been wonderfully Fall-like and the days following are turning out pretty Fall-like too. Despite our hot and sweaty time I think the whole family enjoyed the weekend lots so hopefully it was worth it. =)

We kicked off Saturday with Austin's very first soccer game of the season. It was exciting and fun and our middle man did great even though he's one of the very youngest and smallest in this age group. We were very proud and loved watching him play! 

He scored 2 tough goals and was thrilled! His face and demeanor after those goals were priceless!! We cheered like crazy because we were so excited for him. I know this season will be lots of fun for him but it's also going to be a little challenging playing with bigger, older kiddos so his first game gave him a huge boost of confidence and really started the season off on a high note! 

Of course his biggest fans were in the crowd too. Our big boys are blessed to have their very own cheering section at each game. =)

After the game was over we managed to get Austin changed out of soccer clothes and went straight to town for Buggy Days. This year we decided not to participate in the kiddie section and I think it was the right decision. We let the boys walk around to all the booths with us and pick out a few things they'd like to buy with their own money. They both chose a Georgia Bulldog tooth fairy pillow, face painting, hotwheels, and sno cones. This way we didn't have to pay extra for the kiddie section, we didn't get stuck in the kiddie section, and we all got to see all that was and the boys were able to purchase a few things.  

We decided to eat lunch inside so we could enjoy some air conditioning and have access to a bathroom but after lunch we were back out and ready for dessert. I chose homemade ice cream for me and Layton and this is when Terrell and the big boys decided on sno cones. Our littlest man was a trooper... even if we did have to pull out the emergency paci come naptime. Poor baby was exhausted by the time we finally left for home.

We found a shady, grassy spot to camp out for a while and we finished up our "dessert" and let the boys run free for a while.

Then it was time for the parade... which my whole crew enjoyed. Even Layton! This was the best picture I got thanks to the fact that I was melting and couldn't focus on taking good pictures. Oh my the HEAT. It was soo hot. We called it quits once the parade was over and headed home. We were worn out and gross from all our sweating!

Saturday night my parents invited us over to eat and we wrapped up the day cheering on our Bulldogs, eating good, and laughing a LOT. It was a fun day. =)

All ready for church Sunday morning!

Sunday was a special joint service day for us because we burned the note on our new children's building after only 11 short years. Garrison's choir sang and it was his first time singing on a Sunday morning from the choir loft. He did great!

It was a special service for us because all 3 of our babies are now enjoying the perks of the new children's wing and the campaign to raise money for it and have it built started when Terrell and I were engaged! And now we have 3 boys who get to enjoy it every Sunday plus other special occasions. During the slideshow we even got to see a picture of Anna holding Garrison when he was just a teeny tiny baby. It was a sweet service.

After church, lunch, and some down time we met Terrell's side of the family to celebrate my brother-in-law's birthday and my birthday. His is today and mine is coming up in a couple of weeks so I got to celebrate early. =) We enjoyed the party room at a frozen yogurt place and had a great time. The cousins loved getting together and I'm pretty sure our 5 kiddos combined were just as loud and rambunctious as a party full of 10+ kiddos. Haha. Thankfully I don't think we ran anybody off since we were mostly secluded in the party room. We had a fun afternoon together and I'm super excited about my gifts. =)

 It was a full and fun weekend for the Selph's and our blessings overflowed. So thankful to live back in the hometown! It's the BEST!

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