Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin Patch 2015

 We were finally able to make our annual visit to the pumpkin patch over the weekend! We went Sunday afternoon and the weather was perfect. It was a gorgeous Fall day. Other than it being a little more crowded than we're used to, the whole family had lots of fun... minus a time or two our littlest was traumatized. Bless it. He didn't know what to think about his first experience with pumpkins, hay, and corn! 

We started the afternoon with pictures of course. =) Isn't that the main purpose of a visit to the pumpkin patch anyway? Haha. The great thing about the local farm we go to is that they have tons of places for great pictures. And I must say our 3 little men were super cooperative and made each picture sweet and special. Even if we did have a few awkward ones. Ha! 

The pumpkin we chose is in this picture! Just over Garrison's shoulder to the right. We're all excited to carve it into a jack-o-lantern this weekend. =)

Pumpkins here, pumpkins there, pumpkins pumpkins everywhere. We love pumpkins!

Or not. Haha! Layton was not impressed with sitting on a hay bale and he most certainly did not care for the mini pumpkin we gave him to hold.

Thankfully I got him to crack a smile for our next picture. Me and my 3 little loves.

My guys. Be still my heart. 

Of course we did lots more than just pose for pictures while we were there. Feeding the animals is always a favorite!

Corn hole is pretty popular too...

And the corn house is one of my big boys most favorite things at the pumpkin patch!

Layton didn't care for it and immediately planned his escape after I put him inside. Poor baby didn't know where we had taken him. Haha.

The big playground is probably their main attraction at Twin Oaks and the boys spent lots of time taking advantage of the huge play area. 

Even Layton enjoyed some time on the swings... but still refused to smile. Haha. 

My 3 pumpkins!

After lots of fun play time, hanging out with one of my besties and her family who also happened to be there when we were, and enjoying some homemade ice cream, it was finally pumpkin pickin' time. =)

The big boys love picking out a mini pumpkin for their room every year. Terrell and I picked out our family pumpkin to carve... with their approval of course, and then we called it a day. It was an afternoon full of fun and all things Fall! 

I'd say skipping our usual lazy Sunday afternoon was worth it. =) So thankful for my family and fun traditions! 
Next up, pumpkin carving. The boys can't wait! =)

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