Monday, October 13, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

We made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch this weekend and had a great time! We opted to go somewhere close by and local that had the perfect mix of things to do for our kiddos and their ages and I think the whole fam is excited to go back! Yay for family traditions. =)

They had tons of places for cute pictures so that was another huge bonus for us. I love this picture of my big boys! Layton is in such a daze he could pass for a baby doll. Ha!

The big boys loved the massive playground they had. It's the biggest one we'd ever seen and it was all connected. Talk about crazy huge. They were actually playing somewhere on this playground when I took this picture. 

We all enjoyed the hayride (minus the hay) too. The farm owner/hayride driver said this year they decided against the hay... and our family in particular really appreciated this decision. We couldn't get a family pic during our ride because we were squeezed in pretty tight but we did get one of our view. =)

The big boys also loved the life-size sensory tub (that's what I called it) full of deer corn. They thought it was the best thing ever and probably would've stayed in there playing for like an hour if we weren't encouraging them to do other things so we could fit everything in before having to think about lunch and naps...and the Georgia game. Ahem. (Although I am super thankful my hubby agreed to miss the start of the game. I appreciate him so much. =))

Garrison loved feeding the animals right out of his hand...
Austin was a little more apprehensive and chose to throw his food at them. Haha.
I think Layton enjoyed his first trip to the pumpkin patch too. He strolled around, got his picture made lots, sat with pumpkins, felt of hay, got fed in the car, and people watched a whole bunch. Definitely a good time for my littlest man.

Mini pumpkins everywhere! Plus 2 out of 3 sweet brothers. =)

My 3 babies and handsome husband. This picture just fills me to the brim with gratefulness and joy.
Me and my boys. (Clearly daddy isn't as impressive behind the camera as mama because he can never get all 3 boys to look at him. Ha!)

We had a great visit at the patch and after much searching and debate and discussion, finally found "the one" to bring home. The boys can't wait to turn it into a jack-o-lantern. =)

And just because... Here are my big boys at last year's pumpkin patch. They are growing so fast! *Tear*
We had a super fun weekend and this was definitely the main attraction. I'm so thankful for Fall, pumpkin patches, fun weekends, special outings with my family, AND that my husband is home almost all week long. =)

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Brandi Swatts said...

Love these pics!!! I can't wait to go to the pumpkin patch this year! It's definitely one of my favorite fall family activities :)