Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites: Roller Coaster Week

This week has been sort of like a roller coaster. We've just been all over the place with highs and lows. We've had disappointment, we've had crazy, we've had laid back, we've had normal. Such an unpredictable week. I'm so thankful for the laid back and normal we experienced this week in the midst of the low moments. Here are my favorites...

*First, here's a "Flashback Friday" (haha)... 2 weekends ago Terrell's sister and her family were in town so we enjoyed some extra time with the cousins. So fun!

*This past weekend my big boys got to go to a nearby jubilee with my parents. They had a ball and came home as Flash and Pirate Austin. =)

*Any school work that involves Do-a-Dot markers is a big hit for this little man. He really is the best student!

*My big boy officially has a new hobby. This week he discovered a pecan tree in our yard and he now collects them daily and has a HUGE, heavy bag full. He even took his choir teachers one on Wednesday. If you're ever in need of any pecans, I know someone who can hook you up. =)
*My boys are loving Storytime at the library this year. Layton is becoming more and more curious and engaged and happy about it every week.

*Girlfriend got a good grooming this week. Waaay overdue. She is now nice and trim, sweet-smelling, festive, and show worthy. Yay.

*I almost NEVER have to go in Layton's room to wake him up. We always let him sleep for his naps til he wakes up (which is always a reaonable amount of time) and he always wakes up on his own every morning, so it's rare I get a glimpse of my sleeping baby boy. But this week I did. It was actually the day of Bailey's appointment to be groomed. Presh. Be still my heart.
*Speaking of my baby... he has thoroughly enjoyed strolling around outside while his big brothers play and ride cars around and collect pecans. I just can't get enough of him!
*Friday morning matching cuteness! Love my boys!!

*Favorite not-pictured moment(s): I was on my own 2 nights this week and we thrived! Ha! Things went really well and I never had to resort to survival mode. Yay. I took the boys outside both afternoons and we stayed out until I was ready to make our supper. I didn't really cook either night but I did make us something at home so we wouldn't have to go get fast food. The big boys played inside together while I made our supper and then they got to play and clean up while I put Layton in the bath and got him in the bed. Then it was their turn. Things were still busy and crazy at times. Nothing was totally perfect. I was worn out and drained come Wednesday. BUT, it went so much better the previous week's survival mode craziness. And I am SO thankful!!

*My other favorite not-pictured moment: Hanging out with my hubby watching our shows in the evenings! We are taking full advantage of our opportunities to spend time together since he has to be away so much!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!!

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