Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Fun

This weekend was almost totally fun-filled and happy...I'll save the not so good for another day... for now I'm focusing on the happy. We kicked things off by taking Garrison to our high school's Homecoming Game. He had soo much fun and loved every second. He was a huge fan of watching our Trojans, was very impressed with seeing the Queen crowned, and he even went and played with some of his friends for a while during the game... where we could see him of course. (Terrell and I both took note of the fact that he left us for his friends and he's in KINDERGARTEN. Gracious.)

My mom came over and hung out at our house for the night and put Austin and Layton to bed for us... thankfully Austin was spared the disturbing experience this time. Bless his heart. He does NOT like loud football games. Maybe he'll be ready to try it out again next year. We feel like Friday night's game may be our last of the season just because of it getting colder and because the whole family can't go and due to the fact that it makes for a very late night for our biggest. I have to say though that the 2 games we went to we really enjoyed! (And how cool is it to KNOW the Homecoming Queen?! We were thrilled for her and her family!)

Saturday morning was full of soccer. Both boys had games bright and early and this time I focused on trying to get some pictures of Austin in action. He has really taken well to soccer and is definitely in the zone come game time. =) The pictures I got aren't the best, but I'm still thankful I captured a few shots of his first year.

He's really good at dribbling down field and scoring goals. I think practicing at home with his big brother and daddy gives him an advantage. =)
About to score! And ready to give high fives to his fan club afterwards. My boys have quite the showing of support for their games.
Leading the herd! We sure are proud of our #9. =)
My favorite soccer players!
And here's what Layton thought about soccer on Saturday morning. Bor-ing! Haha.
Saturday afternoon Garrison and I went to his first "friend" birthday party in B'ville! He was pretty nervous and apprehensive about going but had a ball once we got there and loved playing and celebrating with friends. And I loved being a part of the celebration too! With friends I've known for years. Living here is just the best. =)

The rest of Saturday was sort of a whirlwind. Feeding Layton, grocery shopping, getting all the boys out of the house as fast I could so Terrell could watch the Georgia game in peace, playing on the neighborhood playground at my parents' subdivision, visiting with Granna and Papa a little, feeding Layton again, and then late night pizza for supper. It was crazy but turned out to be a pretty fun night.

Sunday was filled with church for the whole fam, a fun shopping date for Terrell, Layton, and I in which I got to spend some bday money (yay!), and a fun afternoon for my big boys with Granna and Papa. Then we grilled out with my parents and AnAn and Frankie for supper. On a Sunday night! And last Sunday night we spent with Terrell's family! It's amazing how much we can do and be a part of living here. While I could definitely do without the meltdowns leaving the grandparents' houses, I just love, love, LOVE being here.

That was the biggest blessing I was reminded of this weekend. Despite discouragement, disappointment, hiccups to our plans, and Sunday night meltdowns, experiencing life here is just a big, huge blessing. There's no where else I'd rather do life. 

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