Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our Weekend & My Birthday

It's the day after my 31st birthday... and I'm feeling 31. Haha! Between sick kids and a workout at the library this morning (long story) and the anticipation and anxiety that's coming with Terrell's first out of town trip this Fall, I'm definitely feeling older. But on the bright side it's still Fall Break, we had a fun weekend, and I had a great birthday. Yay!

Saturday morning started pretty bright and early for us at the soccer fields. And I brought my real camera in hopes of getting some great action shots of my firstborn having fun doing something he loves... playing soccer. Unfortunately this particular game turned out to be a tough one. Real tough. Most of the game looked like this... 3 on 1. That's my baby in orange.

5 year old soccer is super fun and all about the kids...until it isn't. Sigh. This was our first game with difficult coaches (from the opposing team) and Garrison playing hard, practically by himself, all the while getting pushed down and knocked over lots.
Exhibit A:

Just kidding. Sort of. It was a frustrating game for everyone but I was SO proud of Garrison for hanging in there, playing hard despite the adverstiy he was facing, and never giving up. He stayed determined and did a really great job start to finish. And in the end lessons were learned. They were lessons I was hoping could be avoided at the 5 year old level, but lessons nonetheless.

We shook it off and moved on afterwards by cheering on Austin at his game which was totally fun and carefree and all about the kiddos. Yay. (I had every intention of getting some great shots of my middle at his game but my camera battery went dead.... so instead I got a great iphone pic of AnAn and Layton at the game. It was cooold Saturday morning!)

Saturday night my parents took out the whole fam to celebrate my birthday. And we had tons of fun! We always laugh so hard when we get together and have the best time. =) Afterwards we went back to their house for presents, cake and ice cream, and baths. (We woke up Saturday morning to no hot water. The issues of this old house are numerous...ugh.) All the boys singing to me and helping blow out my candles was the funniest, craziest blowing out candle experience ever! My big boys were hilarious. Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles is a BIG DEAL. Ha!

*PS... That carbon monoxide alarm you see on the counter was a gift from my parents. With all the issues we've had with our rental house, they don't trust it either. Haha.

Monday for lunch my mom took us out for my birthday and AnAn and Frankie came too. Such a treat to enjoy a meal out for lunch! Garrison decided to take our picture to document the ocassion... He worked hard to squeeze us all in. I love it! =)

Last night since the big boys were both under the weather and coughing up a storm, we decided to stay in and order pizza for supper... and Dairy Queen for dessert! Yum! Then I got some sweet cards and gifts from all my boys. My family really spoiled me and made turning 31 pretty special.

Now if we can just fight off the crud that's hanging around here maybe we can enjoy the rest of our break! We have some fun things planned for the end of the week when Terrell gets back home, so hopefully we can all get well soon. Happy Tuesday! =)

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