Friday, October 10, 2014

Friday Favorites: Fall Break Edition

We've been on Fall Break this week and have really, really enjoyed the down time and laid back routine. And I think we've all loved having Garrison home with us all day. There is something so sweet about my big boys playing together and having tons of fun and coming up with all sorts of things to do with unlimited time on their hands. I love how well they play together and how much they enjoy spending time together. Close knit siblings are something special that I hope my boys always experience with one another. We sure are going to miss Garrison next week. Waaaaahh!

It's still Fall Break for now though so we're going to focus on enjoying every last minute of it!

Our week hasn't been super exciting..everyone has been under the weather, Layton hasn't slept well, and Terrell's been out of town most of the week, but thankfully I've had help and we've managed to still have a pretty fun but low-key week. It is such a blessing being back here!

Here are my favorites from Fall Break...

*Garrison has really gotten into "decorating" his bed. He's just festive that way I guess. =) I have a sign hanging in the kitchen that says "Happy Fall" so he asked me to write that down for him and then he turned it into a decorative little sign... and got pretty creative by hanging it on the end of his bed. I just love his festive, creative little mind. He is always coming up with something unique to do!

*I planned some crafts for the big boys this week and one of them was handprint bats. I thought they turned out pretty cute!

*We took Garrison to the library here in Bville for the first time ever. (He loved it and was very impressed with everything it had to offer.) Since we moved a week before school started and are pretty busy on the weekends and in the evenings we hadn't had a chance to take him until this week. Things went GREAT with all 3 boys until Austin dumped tons of puzzles out while I was busy looking through books. It was awful. These weren't the simple 10 pieces or less wooden puzzles, these were the 25+ piece puzzles with no picture to look at or go by. I was so flustered trying to put together 10 different puzzles and with like 200 different puzzle pieces everywhere. Ughhhh. Thankfully our library experience was redeemed with a fun story time. However, my middle is now banned from touching a puzzle at the library... indefinitely.

*This little man still tastes his toes every now and then and it's one of the cutest things ever! Poor baby has been so congested this week I'm just thankful he was able to be happy some too.

*During naptime this week, Garrison and I have enjoyed several games of Who Shook Hook? This is a game Austin isn't ready for so it's been good quality time with my biggest and a great chance for him to do something he normally doesn't get to do.

*We spent the morning at the park one day this week and all 3 boys had a great time. Yay for nice weather and fresh air and not letting these little colds interfere with a morning out.

*Another craft I did with the big boys was "silly spiders". They painted toilet paper rolls, made a face for their spider, and then picked out some colorful, pipe cleaner legs. I had to glue the legs and faces on but they loved painting and picking out legs and seeing the finished product. =)

*This sweet boy has a new favorite toy... a little rattle that neither one of his big brothers were ever impressed with. Layton thinks it's the greatest thing ever!

*Yesterday afternoon during naptime Garrison got a little discouraged and sad about our break coming to an end (poor baby is definitely my child), so in an effort to cheer him up and offer a fun distraction we started on his Christmas list. And as you can see it's quite the variety of items. Oh how I love this boy. =)

*Favorite not-pictured moment: We hosted my parents for supper on Tuesday night. Our first time to have someone over for a meal since we moved back. It was a little crazy with the kiddos being wound up and Layton feeling worse as the night went on, but we had a good time and enjoyed having company over. Hopefully once we find a new house we can invite family and friends over more often. Hosting is not something I've done a lot of (which I'm blaming on the fact that we've always lived away) so it's a tad out of my comfort zone, BUT, I'm feeling totally motivated by a fellow blogger's Breaking Bread series. It's really good... especially for people like me who haven't done a lot of hosting and who stress easily over having people in my home... but you should check it out. =)

Terrell gets home this afternoon and we are SO excited to see him! We did the whole long distance thing for years while we were dating... since we got married, not so much. Not ever really. So him being away lots this Fall will be a BIG adjustment for me (and the boys). For now however we're hoping everyone is well enough to enjoy some really fun weekend plans with daddy! Happy Friday!!

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