Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites: Homecoming Week

This week has been Homecoming Week for us (since we live in a 1 high school town, all the schools get to enjoy Homecoming festivities together) and it's made the return to school after a week off a lot more bearable. My biggest was dreading going back something serious so I'm thankful this week turned out to be pretty fun for him.

Going all the way back to last Friday night, here are my faves from the week...

*Terrell got home from his trip away last Friday afternoon so we loaded up the kiddos for the fair as a fun surprise and treat. Garrison LOVED it and Austin loved the idea of it. Poor Austin wasn't tall enough to ride anything on his own, so whatever he rode had to be something that he was tall enough to ride with an adult. And after riding on the fastest carousel in the world, those rides just weren't that appealing to my middle.

He actually made up his mind to ride the helicopters with me but after having to sit there and wait for everyone else to load up and get strapped in, he changed his mind and started to panic... so we ended up getting off. Poor baby. Better luck next year hopefully.

*This sweet boy makes me smile every time I feed him. He loves to eat. =)

*Last Saturday afternoon Terrell surprised me and asked me out on a last-minute date! Terrell's parents were able to keep the boys for us for a couple of hours and we ended up buying groceries together and then enjoyed a quiet, uninterrrupted, conversation-filled meal together. So fun!

*Garrison's giraffe, Tall Legs, busted his head open over the weekend. I was never totally clear on the details of how this happened. If you look closely you can see his bandaid. I'm happy to report that Garrison took great care of him and and he has now made a full recovery. =)

*Austin did some "reading" this week during school. I have some small little books I put together of very simple "emergent reader" text so he was able to read sentences like "A zebra. A tiger. A giraffe.", with picture clues to help. He was soo proud of himself! I was pretty proud too. =)

*Terrell found the boys their first ever pair of boots this week for Boots Day at school. They've never been interested in boots before so we've never purchased any until now. Fireman rain boots are a pretty big hit!

*My baby learned a new trick this week... He can now roll all the way over in his swing. And then he just looks around like it's completely normal and he's just hanging out. He now has to be strapped in every single time... and I'm thinking an upgrade to something more age appropriate may be in our future.
*Outside time this week has been fun!

*Yesterday we enjoyed our very first Homecoming Parade since over 10 years ago. The boys had a ball! And thank goodness AnAn and Frankie were there as my back-up because keeping an eye on 2 busy big boys plus a baby was a little challenging.

*I just love this picture. It gives me a glimpse at the future. So thankful for my boys' sweet friends.

*Even Elmo made an appearance! Garrison got a hug and Austin got out of there! Ha! (Austin doesn't do live characters. He is clearly my saftey first, extra cautious child. =))

We've had a pretty great week (other than my survival mode episode on Wednesday night when Terrell was out of town... eesh) and now we're looking forward to a pretty fun Fall weekend. Soccer, a birthday party, shopping, and a little down time are all on the agenda. Yay. Happy Friday!!

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