Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Currently we are missing daddy! Terrell had to leave to go out of town yesterday and it made the start to our week super tough. We've been emotional and sad and just a hot mess around here. The goodbye yesterday was our hardest yet. Whew. We're just hoping the week goes by fast and that he gets to come home on Thursday! 

At least we had a great weekend though! Today is my birthday and we celebrated lots over the weekend. It was wonderful. We all had so much fun together and laughed hard! Despite a terrible game by our Bulldogs I had the best birthday weekend. =) My family and my boys made it super special and I am so thankful for them!

Anyway, here's a little update on life currently...

*Eating... Last night the boys and I had leftover chili and tonight my parents invited us over to eat for my birthday. They're grilling hamburgers for us. Yum. Wednesday night will either be frozen pizza or take-out and Thursday night we may have to eat fast food at the soccer fields for the 2nd Thursday in a row. It's just one of those weeks. I have to keep things as simple as possible when Terrell's out of town plus manage to get everybody fed on a night when we're at the soccer fields for 2 hours. Thankfully this isn't the norm!

*Planning... Currently we're planning a little Fall Break get-away! Our Fall Break is coming up next week and we're planning to head out of town for few days... just us... the Selph 5... for the first time ever. Ha! We were originally planning to go to Savannah or somewhere near a beach and use our Marriott Reward points that were given to us after our crazy anniversary weekend experience... but it's just not ideal for a family of 5 and probably wouldn't have been the best experience. So we scratched that idea. But, because we (by we I mainly mean I) have wanted to have a little get-away for our family of 5 and because I'd gotten attached to the idea of the mini-trip, we're still making it happen... we're just going to the mountains instead. (Thanks to Nana and Pops for letting us use their condo!) Which I'm really excited about since it's Fall. =) And we're planning on doing everything and anything we can for free. First get-away without the grandparents and first get-away on a super tight budget should make for a really interesting get-away. Haha! I'm still really, really looking forward to this first for our family. =)

*Loving... FALL! Even though we've had rain for days and days and days, I'm loving all things Fall. The mums (thanks mama!), pumpkins, changing leaves, cooler weather, decor, Halloween prep, everything. This season is my fave!

*Not Loving... Terrell being out of town (waaaahhh!) and feeling a little bit of a sore throat coming on (noooooo!!!!).

*Watching... Right now we're watching quite a bit. Yay for our favorite shows being back and yay for a new favorite too! The usuals are Blue Bloods, Hawaii 5-O, Scorpion, and Survivor, and the new fave is Blindspot. Watching shows together is like the main way Terrell and I hang out and unwind. It's one of my favorite things. =)

*Reading... Currently I'm reading Ever After and it has been one of the best books I've ever read. It's definitely the best "Christian Living" book I've ever read unless I'm forgetting a great one of the past. It is soo good. So funny and honest and encouraging and real. Mamas should read this. It's a light read but still FULL of truth. I'm almost finished and it has been the most relatable book ever for me. I know this is one of those books I'll read more than once. (Speaking of reading something more than once, before starting Ever After I read Sparkly Green Earrings again. =)) Once I finish Ever After I'm starting on Jep and Jessica Robertson's book. Both of these were birthday presents that I know I'll enjoy lots

*Trying... The biggest thing I'm currently trying... or wanting to try... is something for more a little more energy each day. I've had stretches of days when I am so tired and low on energy I just feel like I'm in slow motion all day. And it's driving me crazy and making me feel lazy and worn out. Ugh. I've tried *Spark* and decided it's not for me so my next idea is a vitamin. Plus I'm working to go to bed earlier (although this hasn't proven to make a huge difference lately I know it's good for me and that it does help some). I'm also working on a bigger, better breakfast. I think I feel better when I start the day with more than just a granola bar. Plus I've noticed that healthier snacks and meals make a difference too. Which sometimes this is super challenging and just not happening. However, the little things I can do that may help I'm trying because mama is desperate! 

*Hoping... I'm hoping to meet my niece soon!! The nursery is ready. The baby gear is ready. Mama and Daddy are ready. And we think Baby Girl is just about ready too! Anna's official due date is November 5th, however, we're wondering if she might come sooner... either totally on her own or with a little help if needed. We're praying for a smooth and safe delivery for mama and baby and that the end of this pregnancy won't be torture on Anna. I think it's safe to say she's reached the miserable stage. At least we know it'll all be worth it soon!

*Wanting...  A fairly easy and low key week while I'm flying solo, the rain to stay away for a while (I can currently see the sun shining, wooohooo!!), my sore throat to go away and everyone to stay healthy through our get-away, opportunities for extra rest, and my wonderful hubby to get to come home Thursday... specifically Thursday afternoon in time for soccer pictures since we have to be at the fields from approximately 5:30 to 7:30. 

*Needing... Wisdom and direction when it comes to my future job/career (another post for another day) and clarity when it comes to our final decisions about putting in a pool. These are both biggies for several different reasons but what they both have in common is financial significance. Big time. I'm anxious to have a plan for both and to feel confident and at peace about each of them. 

And that's a look at life currently. =) Today I hope to enjoy turning 32 and celebrating with my sweet boys and family. We miss daddy something serious but thankfully we've already been able to talk to him more than once and he's cheered us up and made us smile. He's the best. 

Have a happy Tuesday!! 

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Happy birthday! Hope your week flying solo flies by!