Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites: Homecoming Week Edition

This week pretty much our entire small town has enjoyed Homecoming Week. Small town perks sure are sweet. =) And we always enjoy coming back from Fall Break to fun and school spirit. It just makes getting back into the swing of things a little easier and a lot more exciting. The big boys have loved participating in the fun this week! I've worked the majority of the week which means I am dragging this morning and ready to wrap it up, but other than mama's exhausted state, we've had a good week back. 

Here's a look at my faves from Homecoming Week...

*Layton and I only managed to get in 1 walk this week because of my working schedule but I'm thankful for what I can get. We even had a guest join us on our walk Monday morning. He helped warm Layton up since it was chilly and only got ran over once. =)

*Halloween books while we wait in the car rider line are always a favorite!

*I've been re-reading this lots this week. I'm not sure if I've shared it before or not but WOW. #speakingdirectlytome 

*Wacky Day for the big boys! This was all we could come up with. Ha. I was super impressed with all the students I saw who were so creative, tacky, and wacky!

*Layton and I enjoyed our library time this week. I love and savor my time at home with him. 

*Game Night this week involved all the boys in the fam heading to the backyard for football while mama cleaned up the kitchen after supper. It wasn't a traditional family game night but sometimes you just have to be flexible and go with it. The boys (all of them) absolutely LOVED it.

I loved my view. Even if Layton did decide to do his own thing. He was outside with daddy and his brothers so he was happy. =)

*Twin Day!! We have twin/triplet day quite a bit around here because I love matching oh so much, but for Homecoming Week they dressed similar to each other, daddy, and a classmate. =) 

*Layton has enjoyed his extra time at Granna's and Papa's this week!

*And of course play time with Piper... especially driving Baby Girl around in the jeep. =)


*Last night Terrell and Garrison has soccer practice so I was able to hang out with my littles. Halloween bedtime books together in Layton's room was a hit. And yes, Layton has discovered wearing a hat backwards. Ha. #Hewantstosleepinit

Favorite Read of the Week: The Scandal of Election 2016. This is so good and such a great/huge/timely reminder for us as Christians. If you need some encouragement about the election, this it it. 

This week has a been a fun one but also pretty draining for this mama. TGIF!! =) This afternoon our big boys have their very first official (and separate) play dates. One here, one away. I think it's going to be tons  of fun for both of them and that this is probably the beginning of play dates galore. Haha. Tomorrow morning we have soccer games bright early and tomorrow afternoon we have family pictures! And we're so thankful for the cold front given we'll be dressed in Fall/Winter attire! We are soo looking forward to our extra time together and days off this weekend. Happy Friday!!

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