Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Favorites: Ready for the Break!!

This week has been interesting. It started off super laid back and great and then a strange stomach bug hit our house that we hope we're done with! So that's made things not so great. But we're praying it's behind us and we are sooo thankful and excited that we kick off our Fall Break this afternoon! School breaks are our favorite and we can't wait for the extra rest, downtime, and fun we have planned for a whole week off. We are almost there!!

Here's a look at my favorite moments from the past week or so...

*Last Thursday was Austin's turn for Grandparent's Day. Papa had to work but Austin still had the best time with these 3. I just love our school and all that our administrators do for our students! (And my boys have the best grandparents ever!!)

*Garrison completed his 1st project of the school year last week! School projects are one my least favorite things (as I teacher I assigned 1 all year...a book report and a decorated pumpkin... and if I go back to the classroom one day I'm nixing that little project. Ha! Too much work for the parents, too little benefit to the students!!) However, we worked super hard on this project and a finished project is definitely a favorite. =)

*Garrison chose to research Chipper Jones and Terrell Selph couldn't have been more proud. =)

*His short summary turned out pretty great too.

*Sunday when we got home from church Terrell decided we should all head to the basement to eat lunch and watch the Falcons. LOVE. It was such a fun lunch and great start to our Sunday afternoon!

*Layton and I got back on track with our walking this week! We made it out 2 mornings in a row. =)

*It's October and that means lots of Halloween anticipation and fun! The boys love pulling out these books every single year and we always add at least one to our collection every Fall. We've been reading lots of these lately!

*A trip to the library with my littlest was a favorite this week!

*Monday night the whole fam went to Garrison's practice together (Austin's was cancelled due to having a game this week) and I loved watching Garrison put the moves on his daddy. =)

*My mom made Layton some homemade play doh last week when she was keeping him and this week we got it out for a little comparing, ordering, and counting...

*And we even made a few letters out of it. =)

*Play time outside for these 3 while daddy grilled was perfection. 

*Game Night Round 1! We let Layton play Hi Ho Cherry-O with his brothers before bed and he actually followed directions and waited his turn and did really well!

*Game Night Round 2 was for the big boys... Mouse Trap! We haven't played this one in a long time and they loved it! We didn't trust Layton with this one at first, but he has since been introduced and loves setting the trap. =)

*Garrison had the best time on his field trip to the rock quarry!! It was a Magic School Bus type of experience with a bus tour and stops to get out and explore. He LOVED it and I hope my other boys get to go one day too! I also loved his teacher sending me pictures. =)

*My 33rd birthday was yesterday and even though I was a little under the weather my boys sure were sweet to me. I also enjoyed a fun lunch date with my mom, Piper, and Layton and then loved every minute of watching my middle play soccer last night. 

*I'm pretty sure Austin Selph holds the record for most goals scored in the U6 league. =) 

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: This week we started doing something new while we eat supper each night... asking our big boys 3 questions about their day. What is something kind you did today? How were you brave in some way today? What is something you struggled with today? We have loved hearing more about their days this way and also affirming kindness, teaching that being brave can be something big or small, and that struggling and challenges are okay and normal. We've had some sweet and also hilarious conversations this week thanks to our new questions. 

If we can get everybody well, we have a super fun weekend planned! I get to enjoy lots more birthday celebrations, we're planning a trip to the pumpkin patch, and we're kicking off our Fall Break with lots of family time. We are all looking forward to our fun weekend and our week long break!! Happy Friday!!

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