Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites: Fall Break Edition!

We have had such a fun Fall Break!!! The weather has been awesome, we've had the perfect mix of time at home and time away, and we have sooo enjoyed the break from school, homework, soccer, making lunches, busyness, and exhaustion! We are still savoring every minute and so thankful for our week off!!

Here's a recap of my faves from our Fall Break...

*Terrell asked me out on a date Friday night for my birthday (love him!!) and I actually felt well enough to go out! Yay!! We had a great night out and I loved getting to celebrate with my favorite person. Big thanks to Nana and Pops who braved the sickies to keep our kiddos for the evening!! 

*Saturday night after our trip to the pumpkin patch my parents took out the whole family to celebrate me. =) It was a really fun night filled with lots of laughter and good food... that we were ALL able to enjoy. Phew. Haha. And of course the birthday song, candles, cookie cake, and ice cream were a huge hit for these 3 back at Granna and Papa's. 

*It's Monday and it's Fall Break!! =)

*The boys and I enjoyed lots of time outside this week. It was heavenly. They played soccer, played on the playground, and put 2,437 miles on their jeeps. Or something close. Ha. Layton even became a driver this week!

*We stole an idea from Lauren and made caramel apple bites for a snack one afternoon! 

*Garrison was the biggest fan and this is how his turned out. =) Austin and Layton aren't huge caramel fans so they went with more marshmallows and mini m & m's than caramel. BUT, Layton now likes real apples! He's always loved the freeze dried version but he'll eat a regular one now too!!

*These 3 spent Tuesday morning at Nana's house while I went shopping for family pics. They had a ball! Sadly, I was not able to fully enjoy my solo shopping trip thanks to no stores having what we needed for coordinating outfits! Ahhhhh. It was a frustrating trip but *hopefully* we'll be picture ready next weekend!

*Granna and Papa took us to the state fair this week! It was the boys' first trip ever and my first trip in years. We had so much fun! The animals were a big favorite and a great start to our visit. 

*I think we were all partial to the rabbits. So adorable!

*Layton LOVED the tractors and declared I cut grass as soon as he climbed aboard. Hahaha. 

*3 tractors for 3 boys. =)

*Ready to experience more fair fun with lots of rides!!

*But first the big boys talked Granna into the trampoline jump. =)

*This was a pretty big deal for Austin but he went for it without batting an eye. They both loved it!

*Garrison and Papa even rode a roller coaster. It was so fun for my biggest!

*We wrapped up our day at the fair with all 3 boys on the same ride in the same seat. =)

*By the time we left, the boys had been on lots of rides and we were all hot, tired, and gross, ha, but we had such a fun time and loved our fair experience! The boys have already asked when we can go back. =) Huge thanks to Granna and Papa for all of our fair fun!!

*Yesterday afternoon the boys painted their mini pumpkins. We did this last year too and I think a new tradition has been born. =) They love it. 

*Concentration faces on cute boys are my favorite....

*The final product last night after they finally dried. Left to right: Garrison, Austin, Layton. =)

*And another view... Garrison did multiple faces on his pumpkin and Austin and Layton just went freestyle. (And please take note that the stems were all painted as well.)

*Ready to celebrate mama's birthday again! I am so blessed with these cuties!! Last night my in-laws took us out to celebrate with Mexican and fro-yo. We had a great time and I'm so excited about all my goodies. Both sides of the family and all my guys have been super sweet and made this birthday a special one. 33 started off a little rough but just got better and better. =)

Today, Terrell has the day off and we're continuing our Fall Break fun! We're going to soak up our long weekend and enjoy the rest of our time off to the fullest. =) Happy Friday!

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