Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Currently we are approaching late October, loving all things Fall, adjusting to mama working more, and winding down our crazy soccer season. We are looking forward to Fall Field Days at school, a Fall Festival at church, Piper's 1st birthday party, Papa's birthday, carving our pumpkin, Halloween, our last 2 soccer games, and the most wonderful time of the year. =) We have a lot going on! All good and all blessings though. It's been a wild month... super busy and tiring, but also so much fun.

Here is a peek at the details happening around the Selph household currently...

*Eating... This week we're managing to have some regular home-cooked meals. Yay! That's been one of our biggest challenges this soccer season. At the start of the season we had 3 practices a week, plus I tutor 2 afternoons a week and the combo left little to no time for cooking well balanced meals each night. Throw in a couple of weeks working all day several days, and that really threw off our menu. Ha. Thankfully now that things are slowing down we're getting back on track. Last night we had spaghetti, tonight Terrell is grilling pork chops and I'm making baked potatoes and green beans, tomorrow night we're eating at the Fall Festival, and on Thursday Terrell and I are having buffalo chicken sandwiches and the boys will have leftovers or breakfast for supper. =)

*Planning... We are currently planning for HALLOWEEN! Our family loves Halloween and now that we live here in the hometown our traditions have sort of solidified and become that much more special. We gather at my parents house with lots of family for the pre-game meal, haha, then rush to get the boys into costumes, make lots of pictures, and finally set out for trick-or-treating around our neighborhood before handing out candy back at our house to wrap up our night. We LOVE our Halloween traditions! 

We're also planning for hosting some upcoming parties. We're having a Georgia/College Football party next month and in December we're going to be hosting our Sunday School class Christmas party. We're looking forward to both get-togethers lots! We may even try to spruce up our dining room a little before the Christmas party. Other than our dining room table, the dining room is basically bare. We actually still have a few rooms that are a work in progress so it's not realistic to have everything finished and complete but it'd be nice to get a little done before the big parties.

*Loving... Fall weather, days I get to be home with Layton, watching my big boys play soccer, our school year so far!, serving on the PTO, weekends, tutoring, watching shows with the hubby, sleeping late (7 AM or later is a glorious gift!), and listening to my boys play and their funny little conversations. 

*Not Loving... Hmmmm. For the short-term/present tense, I'm not loving how working all day effects me and my family. I am totally good and on my A-game at school. I'm enjoying subbing and being back in the classroom, experiencing all the different grade levels, figuring out what age group and curriculum suits me best, and just discovering what my preferences are again... sort of like in college when you're placed in almost every grade level for a stretch. However, once I get home the day catches up with me and mama is struggling to keep up. I am so worn out that I feel like my family is getting what's left of me... which isn't very much. Plus I'm overwhelmed with everything that has to be done like homework, checking and cleaning of lunch boxes and book bags, supper, soccer, clean-up from supper, baths, bedtime, making lunches, making snacks, prepping for tutoring, etc. The days I work have been super long simply because I have so much to do for the current day and preparation for the next day (mainly if I'm working again the next day). So I haven't had as much quality time with the boys as I've wanted plus I haven't felt like doing much of anything except what is absolutely necessary and even that's been a struggle. I pretty much go straight to bed after completing everything I have to do. Boo. I know this sounds like a pity party because it basically is, but I'm just keeping it real. I am extremely blessed to be able to be home as much as I am, and soooo thankful that I'm still only working part time, BUT, my 4 guys can attest to the fact that going back to work/subbing has been a huge adjustment for all of us. And.... what effects mama, effects everybody. #truth

*Watching... Oh my goodness we are loving all of our shows!!! The new show we started this season is This Is Us and we both LOVE it. It's just super real and honest and one of our now favorites. We are also still loving Blindspot and can't wait for it to come on each week. It's suspenseful and keeps you guessing and every episode sort of leaves you hanging. And our favorites for years now are Hawaii 5-0, Scorpion, Blue Bloods, and Survivor. Sooo good. We're recording Designated Survivor and Notorious to watch this summer when there isn't anything on. Watching shows together is our hobby. Haha. It's our favorite way to hang out and unwind and this season is turning out to be a great one!!

*Reading... I just finished Water From My Heart by Charles Martin and loved it. It was an amazing story of redemption and a love story too. It was really, really good and I would recommend it to just about anybody. Now I'm reading Chasing Fireflies by Charles Martin and it's been a little slower for me. It's taking me a little while to get in to, but I'm not giving up on it. I'm pretty sure I'll end up really enjoying it just like I have his other books. I also just started Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus. I got it for my birthday and it's been perfect. I've used it some during my quiet time and some during random times when I get a few minutes to myself. I'm excited to continue reading and being encouraged. =)

*Trying... To focus on one day at a time. That's my motto during this crazy, in-between season. I'm back in the classroom (sort of), we only have 1 little guy at home full time, we've been super frugal and for the most part living on one income for 7 years, we're beyond ready for a little financial freedom, annnnd we have no idea what is best moving forward in terms of me working. So instead of trying to plan and constantly figure out what God wants me to do and obsessing over all the pros and cons of this job or that, I'm stopping myself as soon as the temptation arises. We are choosing joy. We are choosing to focus on the present. We are not obsessing, stressing, or worrying! =)

*Hoping... We can all adjust better and better to me working. Especially me! Because my preview of working full time (which hasn't even been full time) doesn't have me too confident about working full time. Sigh.

*Wanting... A girls night before the end of the year (it's crazy how hard it can be to find time for 3 busy mamas to get together!), to start on Christmas shopping and planning soon (I feel way behind this year because none of us have lists ready and Terrell and I haven't even discussed any ideas for the boys), a pool for this coming summer or the next (plans are still on the brain and on the horizon =)), to go to bed a little earlier each night (lamp off and book down by 10:00 is my new goal.... not sure if it's realistic or not but I've got to try), more and more downtime and laid back evenings with my family as we wrap up soccer and take a much needed break (we love our boys playing sports but by the end of the season the whole fam is in need of a good, long break). 

*Needing... Clarity moving forward when it comes to my job. I would loooove to continue tutoring long term, but God may have other plans. It's all pretty unclear right now and even though I don't want to "jump the gun" or take things into my own hands, it's almost crunch time. At some point, with God's leading, we'll have to make some decisions and move forward. Right now, we're standing still because we feel this is where God wants me for now... tutoring and subbing. But, this won't work for us long term so we're waiting, trusting, praying, and listening. His plan is best and we're excited (and anxious... something I'm controlling by focusing on one day at a time) to know it! 

And I think that sums up life currently. Fun, busy, happy, tiring, crazy, and exciting. =) 

Have a great Tuesday!!

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