Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Weekend Recap: Fall Break Wrap Up

We enjoyed our weekend and wrap up to Fall Break to the fullest. Our week off sure was needed and appreciated by the Selph fam!! It wasn't perfect around here all week long because TERRIBLE TWOS (ahhhhhh) plus brothers fighting and getting in trouble (big sigh), but it was overall wonderful and awesome.  

Thursday night my mother-in-law snapped this picture of me and my boys. They were super sweet to me throughout all of my birthday celebrations. Garrison even said the full moon was for me and my birthday. =)

Friday morning we slept late and took our time getting ready before heading to the Georgia Aquarium! We stopped at CFA for lunch on our way and then spent the whole afternoon doing just about everything the aquarium had to offer. We had such a great time together.

I love Layton watching the fish. =)

The sea lions were a favorite yet again, and this time we even went to their show. A part of me wants one for a pet now. #adorableness

They were all decorated for Halloween which was a fun treat for us.

We love the beluga whales! I still think dolphins are my favorite, but the beluga whales are a close 2nd. We were actually able to go to the dolphin show this trip. It was definitely the most stressful thing we did while we were there because Layton was a huge handful and Austin almost had a panic attack waiting for it to start (sobbing crying begging to leave) BUT it wasn't scary or too loud or even the same show Austin was afraid of, so we all ended up loving it. YAY. That was a close one... that almost wasn't worth it and almost scarred our middle. Gracious.

Annnnd, by the time we wrapped up our visit everyone was tired and hungry and only 1 photogenic child remained. Hahaha. 

We loved our special field trip with daddy and especially loved going to all the shows and really taking our time. The 4-D version of Happy Feet was a huge hit for everybody! After leaving we stopped for Steak n Shake for supper and arrived home just in time for bedtime. It was one of my favorite family days ever. 

Saturday morning we slept late again... late being 7ish, and then these 3 had the BEST morning together. I'm talking played with hotwheels for an hour and then colored at the table together for over half an hour. It was a wonderful Saturday morning around here!

Once we finally got ready for the day... this happened!! Garrison Cade lost his first tooth on top! I love his new smile. =)

Saturday morning I went grocery shopping solo (#it'sthelittlethings) while Terrell and my dad pressure washed our house. They did a GREAT job and I'm loving my bright white porch and rocking chairs!! 

We stayed in the rest of the day Saturday and the boys played outside almost all day long. They've even discovered backyard football now. Being a boy mom is so fun. #andhard

Saturday night while all the boys took showers/baths, I started my baking for Sunday School. Our class is super spoiled with brunch every single Sunday and this Sunday it was my turn to bring the goodies. Cinnamon crumb cake is a big time fave at our house. The boys have requested I make it just for them next time. =)

Sunday morning was busy with more SS food prep and getting everyone ready on time, but the highlight was Garrison's tooth fairy money. He brought his pillow downstairs so he could check it with the whole family. He is so thoughtful. 

He's now weighing his options and trying to decide what to do with his 2 whole dollars. Ice cream at school? Hotwheels? Lollipops at school? The choices are almost endless. =) (Austin can't wait to lose some teeth now!)

Ready for church with my 4 handsome guys!

Right after church the big boys and I went to a fun birthday party together. It was a Star Wars theme and Megan had the cutest party favors!! Pool noodles turned Lightsabers! 

The boys had a blast and we loved celebrating the first friend in Garrison's class to turn 8. How can they be turning 8 this school year?!? Waaaaaahhhh!! The 8th birthday is going to get me. I can already feel it. 

Post-party Sunday afternoon was all about the Falcons who should have WON by the way. Or at least had an opportunity to try. Shame on that official for missing the terrible, awful pass interference on our Julio Jones. SHAME. We were so disappointed but had to set a good example because little eyes and ears. Garrison was ready to cry and Austin was ready to throw something but we moved on as best we could. *Sigh*

I made lunches, the boys took baths, and we managed to salvage our evening with bedtime stories and Homecoming Week anticipation. Plus I especially enjoyed our newest Halloween decoration. Garrison made it at school before the break and just found the perfect spot for it. =)

We had a great long weekend with daddy to wrap up the break! This week we're back to our regular schedule and enjoying Homecoming Week fun while counting down to Halloween! October is such a fun month. We might be living at the soccer fields this week and a little worn out from getting back into the swing of things but we are enjoying all things October and soaking up FALL. =)

Happy Tuesday!! 

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The Morrows said...

Happy late birthday!
Looks like a fun weekend. I would love the 4D Happy Feet!
Your house looks beautiful....love all your fall d├ęcor too :)