Friday, September 13, 2013

Everyday Life Lately

Here's what we've been up to lately... you know, in addition to finding out the exciting news that we're expecting our 3rd baby boy... =)

Last Friday Austin took Mickey Mouse cookies to school and was able to celebrate his birthday with his class. He was so cute when we sang to him. Not nearly as overwhelmed as he was at his party!
I think everybody enjoyed their cookies. =)
Saturday morning before Austin's party (while the guys were busy with other party preparations) my mom and I had to take the boys with us to the store to pick up balloons and a few last minute items for the party. The boys were in for a huge treat! They got to drive around the store!! Which they loved and thought was the best thing ever. So cute.  
Totally worn out from partying both boys fell asleep as soon as we got in the car headed home Saturday afternoon. And they both had a book in their laps. Boys after their mama's own heart.

Sunday morning I stepped way out of my comfort zone and took the boys to church (here in Covington) solo! This was a BIG deal considering I went to Sunday School (where I only know the names of about 3 couples so far) without my husband. Yay for being brave!

Garrison went on a field trip this week to the Post Office and had a homework assignment one night to write or dictate a letter (or draw a picture) to a friend in his class. Then he got to mail it when he went on his field trip. The friend was chosen for him on an addressed envelope so it made things super easy. This is what he decided he wanted to write to Audrey so I wrote it down first and then he copied it. I thought he did great! Afterwards he said, that gives your hand exercise and energy! And it hurts. Cracked me up.

Austin and I have lots of time together on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Garrison is at school so I'm trying to start introducing letters to him and we're working on counting a little more too. He's an eager learner so far. =)
My big boy is growing up. He rarely has a quiet time in his room anymore. Typically he watches 1 or 2 thirty minute shows before choosing something quiet to do. Sometimes he colors or draws at our dining room table, sometimes he plays/builds with magnets in his room, sometimes he's working at his tool table in the office. He is, for the most part, totally independent and lets me do my thing and even take a nap! I'm very proud. I snapped this picture earlier this week... and captured the carpet burn on his face from a fall he took at school.

Garrison's class went on their field trip yesterday. I was really torn about not going but in the end felt that I couldn't. We never asked a baby-sitter to come because everybody works and we're an hour away and didn't think it was truly necessary (nobody was sick, we weren't desperate, etc.). However, I knew I didn't want to attempt Garrison's field trip with Austin. Austin is just a busy body and doesn't want to stay in his stroller unless he's totally entertained or totally worn out. I knew if I took Austin it would turn into a trip all about keeping up with Austin versus enjoying time at the Post Office with Garrison. Sooo, I decided it would be best to sit this one out.

As soon as I saw pictures from the field trip with almost every single other mama from his class present, my heart sank and I felt terrible. Then, his teacher told me when I picked him up that at the start of the field trip he was very unsure and apprehensive about it because I wasn't there. (Cried about that one as soon as I got home. Oh, the guilt.) Thankfully he was Ms. Vicki's buddy throughout the trip and in the end had a great time. He never asked me why I didn't go or made me feel any worse... so that was a blessing too! Needless to say, for the next field trip, mama will be present... and I think I'm ready to vow to never miss another field trip again. Just about nothing feels worse than the feeling you let your child down. Gracious.
That's what we've been up to lately. Now we have a fun Saturday planned and are looking forward to a great weekend. Happy Friday!!

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