Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gender Revealed!

The verdict is in and it's a.... BOY!!! Times 3! =) We are SO excited and thrilled to welcome another baby boy. Boys are what we do, what we know, and what we have! He is precious already and we are so thankful God is allowing us to be his parents. Wow... 3 boys!!! Can you tell I'm still a little shocked??

Honestly no matter what the "verdict" was with baby #3 it was a big deal and I was going to be in shock either way. No doubt about it. Ha! I kept asking Terrell the day before and the day of if he was nervous because all I could think about was how this baby would complete our family. This baby would determine how our family would "look". It was a little overwhelming... and still is. But in a good, exciting way.

We were able to find out Monday afternoon but had to keep it a secret until last night when we could get everyone together for our tradition to reveal the gender.

(The tradition started when Terrell surprised me by inviting everyone to meet us at one of our favorite restaurants after we found out Garrison was a boy. I was bummed and disappointed that we wouldn't be able to tell anyone our news in person, so he surprised me by having everyone come to us. He's the best. When everyone walked in, my mother-in-law was carrying a pink balloon and a blue balloon and asked us pop the one it wasn't thereby leaving a blue balloon standing if It's a Boy! and a pink balloon standing if It's a Girl!... hence a tradition was born... and that blue balloon never was popped. =))

Anyway, back to Monday when we found out. The boys were with us and in order to keep it a secret for another whole day we asked her not to say it out loud but to mouth it, type it, etc. I knew as soon as she showed us the "parts" and felt such a mix of emotions. Shocked, not shocked at all, joy, apprehension, excitement, intimidation. I just had a whoa feeling. Haha! He was adorable and just completely showed off. We fell in love immediately. The boys were precious too and so excited to see the baby. I loved hearing them during the entire ultrasound. Look! I see! I see the baby! I think it's a girl. Is he going to sleep? (Garrison always said he wanted a girl but always referred to the baby as a "he") He's moving. The baby! Look!! They both had lots to say. Even Austin. Their reaction was priceless.

After having a day for it to sink in and making a final decision for the name we were ready to share our news. The only thing I was nervous about was the fact that I knew pretty much everyone wanted a girl for us. It's just the natural way to feel. Anytime someone already has 2 girls or 2 boys, if/when a third comes along you just naturally hope they have the opposite. I know I'm that way when it comes to other families. So I felt a tad anxious about the reaction of everybody... even though I knew in my heart they'd be thrilled like us I was also nervous about sensing/feeling that twinge of disappointment too. Thankfully the grown-ups were great!

Ready for the big reveal!
The reaction!

Everyone smiled, laughed, clapped, said Yay!, etc and all was going well until my big boy burst into tears. Sobbing, heartbroken tears. Poor baby wanted a girl and was SO disappointed.

(We had given him the option of finding out yesterday afternoon but keeping it a secret until we popped the balloon or he could wait to find out with everyone else. He chose to wait. Clearly we should've told him and given him time to accept the news, but we never could've predicted he'd be that upset.)

 Oh my, talk about pulling at my heart and making me feel so guilty. He said things like, But I want a girl. I wanted daddy to pop the blue balloon. We already have a lot of boys. We have 3 boys already and I wanted a girl. I could cry again just remembering. Bless his heart. It was pitiful. He said everything through tears... sobs really. And it took him a while to get over. It was a damper on the party for a bit for sure. Then, I felt guilty for feeling guilty about our innocent, unborn baby boy. Gracious.

The picture below is of him pointing to the blue balloon and crying his eyes out. So sad. He finally calmed down after we talked about God wanting us to have another boy. Another best friend and playmate for him and Austin. We also talked about how he has girl cousins. (Hopefully AnAn and Frankie will have a girl for us too one day!) He also finally seemed happy when he said, Mama we're going to have 4 boys (he always counts daddy) just like I'm 4. And that made it all better. We'll see how things go the next few days as reality sets in or as he just sort of forgets and moves on.

After showing off tons of pictures and getting my big boy calmed down, we revealed the name by showing off the cake we brought for dessert. Unfortunately the lady at Publix didn't understand me and put an "&" between the names... but that's okay. Layton Thomas it is. Our 3rd baby boy. I have a whole post on how the name was chosen and how our little name situation/dilemma reveals a lot about 3 boys and no girls. =) Hopefully I can share that soon.
Our family of 5. =)

***We are so thankful we could share our news in person with our favorite people at the same restaurant with the same tradition yet again. Our families are the best! They made our night special and fun and we are extremely grateful Layton will be welcomed into such an amazing family. We can't wait for him to meet everyone! Thanks again for making the drive over and sharing our special news and night with us. We love you!!


Megan said...

Congratulations on your third sweet boy - what a blessing!

Meggie said...

Thanks so much! We're excited. =)

Lauren & Eddie said...

Congratulations! If we decide to have a third I KNOW we'll have another boy! Ha! At least your clothes get lots of mileage! Boys are such fun. I am so excited for you!