Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites: Bring on the Weekend!

This week has been good... but also long and tiring. We're almost fully immersed in our "Fall schedule" now and I think that made for a long week that's finally caught up with us. Back to school exhaustion is something serious! I'd say things went really smoothly with our new schedule but we are so thankful for Friday and SO ready for our weekend!! 

Here's at look at our faves from the week...

*On Friday night we celebrated Frankie's birthday at my parents' house with a delicious steak dinner! We had such a fun night celebrating and eating good food! Baby Girl is loving all the birthday celebrations happening lately. 

*Saturday morning we slept late (Thank you Jesus for extra rest!!) and then we headed out for our first family swim since our vacay! Ms. Debbie was out of town so she graciously offered us her pool. It was a fun morning for the Selph 5!

*These 3 had a ball. 


*Garrison is a fish now. All over the pool, jumping off the diving board constantly, and he was a big fan of daddy throwing him in too. =)

*Austin did some pretty cool jumps off the steps too. =)

*And don't forget Layton!!

*Sunday morning this little man watched daddy shave and then went and got his little drill and took it into our bathroom and said he was shaving. Haha.

*Monday morning Layton happily read books and made messes while I changed the sheets on the bunk bed. We listened to music and had a sweet little time together. 

*DONE! Woohoo!! =)

*These trays came in this week and have been a favorite ever since! We use them for snack time and at supper. Perfect for collecting crumbs and an easier clean up... especially when I go from snack time immediately into tutoring at this table twice a week. Such a time saver!

*Our biggest had a great 1st week of soccer practice this week! It should be a really fun season!!

*This super hero/Wild Kratt bat came streaking through the kitchen while I was cooking supper one night this week. Oh he makes me laugh. I LOVE watching him grow up but I also want him to stay like this forever... fun-loving, laid back, happy, and totally HIM. =)

*Our first school night Game Night was a success! We got in a quick version of Chutes and Ladders and then barely survived an exciting family journey with Eye Found It. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to squeeze these in almost every week.

*When mama wants to watch the Olympics and Layton wants to slide and play... you bring the slide downstairs from the playroom and enjoy both! =) 

*Layton Thomas doesn't take long naps anymore, so waking him up is rare and therefore a sweet surprise. A good nap for him lasts about an hour and a half but Wednesday afternoon he made it a full 2 hours before we had to go pick up his brothers. He was laying at the foot of his crib on top of books and his blanket and almost buried under stuffed animals. Baby boy is outgrowing the crib fast so a big boy bed is coming soon!!

Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: A little one on one time with my big boys Wednesday night while daddy put Layton to bed! Garrison joked earlier in the evening that I was the working girl and daddy was the playing dude... which is really funny considering I stay home and daddy goes to work. Haha. But he was referring to me having to cook and make lunches, etc during times when daddy plays with them. This is a great system for us because it gives me an opportunity to work faster and with peace and quiet, but it also made me a little sad because I don't want the majority of my boys' childhood memories to be of me in the kitchen and never playing with them or spending quality time with them like Terrell does. So Terrell put Layton to bed (something I typically do every night because he still prefers me) while the big boys and I got in a game of SkipBo and then I read to them before bed and put them to bed. So from now on we're going to try alternating between who puts the big boys to bed and who puts Layton to bed. It's a simple and easy way for me to get some extra alone time with Garrison and Austin... something that becomes pretty rare once school starts back. We're also going to attempt me staying home with 1 big boy plus Layton while daddy takes the other big boy to soccer practice. I just want a good balance and for all 3 of my boys to see me doing more than just working around here. =)

This weekend is another laid back one. YAY!!! We have very few plans and are just going to soak up the extra down time together. Happy Friday!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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