Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend of Down Time

This weekend was laid back and full of down time and fun. It was just what we needed after our busy, exhausting week!

Friday night we ate leftovers and started movie night early. Terrell cut the grass while I enjoyed Stuart Little 2 with these 3. It was a cute movie! Even Layton watched most of it... of course popcorn helped lots too. =)

Saturday morning we slept past 7 (yay!) and then had a really lazy morning. We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and the boys watched a show or 2 and had a little play time and then the whole fam went outside to take advantage of somewhat mild temperatures. The big boys requested to play golf!

They're both getting pretty good!

While the big brothers played golf, Layton requested to go on a walk. We got sweaty but enjoyed strolling the neighborhood. =)

Austin decided to take a break from golf to swing and by the time Garrison finished up, all 3 boys were ready to cruise in their dune racers. 

Popsicles Saturday morning were a big hit too!

Terrell grilled us hot dogs for lunch and we got everybody cleaned up and let Layton take a short nap before getting ready for a fun birthday party. I don't have any pictures from the party because I was too busy talking, ha, but the whole fam had a great time. The boys came home filthy, sweaty, and happy. =) 

After showers/baths for the boys, we went out on our first family date in a while. We've been trying to eat out a little less on the weekends so we haven't been out together as a family of 5 in weeks... maybe months. It seemed like a really long time. But Garrison mentioned our fave Mexican restaurant earlier in the week and sort of wondered aloud if we'd ever go back (haha), so that's where we went. It was delish... plus loud and messy and a little crazy. 

I'd say we were definitely reminded why we don't go out very often. Hahaha! But we all enjoyed our meal and not having to prepare or clean up at home! It was a little crazy but still fun and worth it... at least to me. =)

Sunday morning we were off to church and my handsome little assistants were a huge help getting the preschool hall ready for teachers and families. Every Sunday morning they deliver SS boxes to each classroom, turn on lights, set up chairs, help out teachers once they arrive, and help welcome our earliest arriving families. All the Selph boys (including daddy!) are the best and help make my Sunday mornings so smooth! 

Sunday afternoon after lunch the whole family passed out! Austin got in Terrell's lap on the couch and was asleep in less than 5 minutes, THEN he stayed asleep while Terrell carried him upstairs and put him in the bed. Whaaaaaa??? None of my children have ever stayed asleep for the "transfer"... you know from car to arms to bed or from car to arms or from arms to bed. Ha! Yay for our almost 5 year old finally doing it!! Everyone got in a nap or some good rest time on yesterday afternoon. It was soo needed. We love and appreciate lazy Sundays!!

Once everybody was awake we decided on a trip to DQ for ice cream. The temps were back to unbearable so when you can't go outside... go out for ice cream! These super cool dudes were our dates. =)

Late Sunday afternoon we went to Granna's for just a little while before heading home for baths and supper. We had a super low key Sunday night and this morning we're gearing up for FULL week. So thankful for a weekend of down time before starting up this week of busyness!! 

Have a great Monday! 

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