Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Terrell's Birthday Weekend

On Saturday Terrell celebrated his 35th birthday... so we spent the whole weekend enjoying the milestone and celebrating with the birthday boy. It was a full one but so much fun!

Friday night Terrell's parents invited us over to celebrate and his mom told him she'd make him whatever he wanted for his birthday... so he decided on a huge, home cooked, southern meal of her chicken and dressing with sides. It was sooo good!! He was definitely spoiled to kick off his bday weekend!

She even made him a homemade caramel pie!! We were STUFFED come Friday night. Haha! We had such a great kick-off to the weekend and Terrell's birthday. It was a fun and very delicious Friday evening for the whole fam. =)

On Saturday morning the boys and I went to pick up breakfast from McDonald's for everybody... and I think it's been over a year since we've done that. It's super rare so it was a treat for everybody... especially our birthday boy. =) 

The boys loved their breakfast so much they were practically finished by the time we sat down! Have I mentioned how they're eating more and more and we're now going through over 2 gallons of milk a week?! Gracious. Feeding growing, bigger boys is going to be a crazy experience. And expensive.

After breakfast we had the laziest Saturday morning ever. I seriously can't remember another Saturday (with kids, at home, in our 30s, ha) that we've just laid around and done very, very little for the whole morning. It was sooo nice... but it also makes you worthless. Hahaha. We felt so lazy and could hardly get awake good or make ourselves start a load of laundry or venture off the couch or out of bed for a long stretch. 

The boys did amazing on our lazy Saturday morning... They started organizing their Pokemon and baseball cards into binders and played really well together and watched a little TV. It was just a record breaking super laid back morning.

After a small lunch for everybody plus rest time, everybody got showered and ready for the rest of the day. 

Layton Thomas enjoying a little post-bath reading time. =)

We gave Terrell our gifts before leaving to go out to eat Saturday night. All 3 boys made him sweet homemade cards and he got some new sunglasses, a new UGA t-shirt, and a new pair of pants for work. He was pretty thrilled with our little gifts and cards. 

I didn't get any pictures of us at the restaurant with my parents and Anna's fam, but we had such a great time. No kid drama or public displays of craziness... plus the food was awesome! 

We went back to my parents' house for cake and presents and this year I surprised Terrell with a homemade birthday cake. (I didn't make it... ha) It was sooo good and we enjoyed it lots. 

Singing Happy Birthday, blowing out candles, and eating cake and ice cream are HUGE favorites for the boys. And between July 23rd and September 3rd we have 4 family birthdays to celebrate so it's been a fun birthday stretch so far.  

Saturday night was fun.... even if things did get a little wild and crazy with my children by the end of the night.  Ha. 

Sunday morning I went to church solo so the boys could stay home and rest/have downtime before heading out on a little road trip to Aunt Kara's. I only stayed for the first hour before coming home, eating lunch, and then we hit the road. 

On the way up, Layton napped and the big boys enjoyed Honey I Shrunk the Kids. =) A favorite from my childhood! They loved it!!

Our niece Allison turned 9 on Monday and we celebrated with a family party on Sunday afternoon. The boys had a ball and we enjoyed wrapping up our weekend with another celebration. The theme of her party was cats and Kara made the cakes. #cakeformonths They're freezing the majority of it. =)

It's so hard to believe she's 9! I actually had a flashback to her very first birthday party when we were singing Happy Birthday. *Sigh* Soak it up, savor it, enjoy it, make the most of it. 

The last time we went to a birthday party for one of our niece's on a Sunday afternoon this happened on our way home.... so this time around we vowed to get on the road earlier, really watch traffic and our app we use, and do our best to have an uneventful ride home arriving back at a decent hour for a school night. Kara lives 2 hours away so we got on the road around 4:30ish....

And things started so promising. The big boys watched a movie and Layton held onto his little party favors and things went smoothly for the first 30 minutes or so. 

Then Layton decided he was tired of riding and started yelling loudly. Then crying. Then the big boys started complaining of feeling car sick. Nooooo. Then I had to move to the backseat to entertain Layton who continued to cry and yell off and on and we debated on stopping earlier than we originally planned.... but based on our previous bad experience we were hoping to make it to the "safe zone" off the interstate close to home.... Buuuut Layton threw up. All over himself and me. Ohh good times. So we stopped at the closest McDonald's and changed his clothes (thank goodness we keep some extras for him in his book bag), I tried to clean up my shorts and the car seat, (thankfully it wasn't terrible), and then we ate supper and got back on the road. Gracious. Never a dull moment.

We survived! We're home!! Haha. 

I loved celebrating with this guy all weekend long and I'm so thankful we get to share all our crazy adventures together. Team Selph is my favorite. =) 

Happy 35th Birthday Terrell!! We love you!!

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