Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a good one for the Selph 5. We didn't have any big plans but enjoyed a really nice, fun, and almost laid back time anyway. =) And since it's been quite a while since I documented one of our regular ole weekends, I decided to document this one.  

Friday night was the only part of our weekend I didn't make any pictures of. Terrell got home before 5:00 Friday afternoon (Hallelujah, Praise the Lord), and after getting unpacked and settled he immediately spent some time playing with the boys in the basement while I warmed up a simple freezer meal we had saved. We were sooo thankful to have him home and we all enjoyed eating supper together. Shortly after finishing supper my mom came over for about an hour to stay with the boys so Terrell and I could go to visitation at the funeral home for a friend from church. The big boys had movie night and then Terrell and I caught up on a show before bed. 

Saturday morning we woke up to rain and a soccer game that was not cancelled. I repeat, Garrison's soccer game was NOT cancelled despite treacherous conditions. Ahhhhh! So the conditions weren't treacherous and the rain eventually stopped, but not before our team plus my middle warmed up in the pouring rain. It was so wet and messy and gross. But I'm a real soccer mom now having braved the conditions to watch my baby play. Haha. We had a tough game but we were down 2 players, 1 an important starter, and hello, THE CONDITIONS. I'm so proud of our little team though. We're the smallest and youngest in our league, and it shows, but we don't give up. Garrison is crazy competitive and plays hard every minute of the game and is honestly never subbed out for, but he doesn't get super discouraged or down over our losses. He scored a couple of goals and had a great game. I'm so proud of him this season!

As soon as we got home Terrell wanted to rake up pine straw so because the boys were already dirty we let them play outside... barefoot... on the wet ground. This was a fun mom, yes mom moment for me. Haha. It was warm and our only opportunity to play outside so we just went for it. The whole family played football in the driveway. Layton either watched, played with the soccer ball, or hung out in the garage. 

Once we wrapped up our outside time the boys all went straight to the bathtub, then we went into town to pick up some lunch, and then just had a lazy afternoon together. We cleaned the house some, rested some, watched football some. It was so nice.

Shortly after nap time was over, Terrell's parents came over to keep the boys so Terrell and I could go out on a date. Layton immediately recruited Nana to do his favorite thing... read to him. =)

We had such a fun date! We ran a couple of errands before going out to our fave Mexican restaurant. It was simple and laid back and we were able to catch up and just focus on each other. We loved it. Big thanks to Nana and Pops for keeping the boys!!

When we got home the big boys were finishing up a game of Yahtzee with Nana and Pops and just about ready for bed. And before bed they had to watch some college football. They are soo into it this year! Other than our Bulldogs they rooted for Auburn and Clemson both this weekend.... Where did we go wrong?? Ha! They have a soft spot for Auburn because it's Uncle Denny's team and they chose to go for Clemson because they liked the sound of Clemson Tigers better than Florida State Seminoles. Haha. This coming weekend they are definitely rooting AGAINST Auburn. =)

Sunday morning was rainy and cold... plus adorable and handsome!

Oh these boys of mine. Matching cuteness makes my heart smile.

After church we rushed home to eat leftovers and change clothes so we could head north for our niece's 5th birthday party. They had it at Gymnastics World of Georgia and the boys had a ball. Even Layton got to participate a little. =)

Once the big kids started doing things Layton couldn't do, he came out to the lobby to play with the car/train table. (You can't tell in this picture but I promise he loved it.) 

The birthday girl!

We had a great time celebrating and got on the road to head home before 5:00. We decided to make a quick stop for supper on the way and as soon as we got back on the interstate we were in traffic. Heavy traffic. In the rain. With no exit in sight for 7 MILES. We crawled along for almost an hour before they shut down the interstate. Noooooo. 

Thankfully the boys were able to finish watching a movie and then we put the car in park and gave Layton his paci and the big boys their goody bag toys from the party and just hung out and waited. Layton fell asleep and the big boys played. Even though the kids did GREAT with our little adventure (just a little complaining but no major meltdowns or drama), Terrell and I were spent and over it. Eventually we were able to get home... 2 hours later than we'd planned.... and the boys went straight to bed with no issues. Then Terrell and I made lunches for the next day and got the house in order for Monday morning and Baby A before crashing. What a night!

So our weekend was almost totally laid back and easy going. =) Other than our exciting ride home Sunday night, we had an all around good but normal one. And this week we're wrapping up the soccer season for both boys and counting down to Thanksgiving. It's my favorite time of year!

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