Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mid-Week Happenings

 *Terrell left this morning for another out of town work trip. Boo. Thankfully this is his last one of the year and for the foreseeable future. Phew! Mama is ready to have a break from late nights and out of town work trips. The Fall seems to be a busy time of year for them at work but part of it this year is because he's still completing some trainings. Next Fall should be lighter. Thank you Jesus.

I'm going to try really hard not to go into survival mode with the boys for the rest of the week and instead just keep things as normal and low key as possible. Whenever Terrell is out of town I tend to have some anxiety and I'm on a short fuse with the kids because I'm overwhelmed with doing everything myself when I'm used to having an awesome tag team partner. Enter survival mode. But this time I'm working hard to keep a good attitude and it's only for a couple of nights so I'm hoping things go really smoothly! Pray for me.

*Hopefully Garrison and I are almost done with the sickies. The only lingering symptom we both have is a little bit of a cough. I almost made it all night last night without waking up coughing so I think that's progress! Austin has started with a little cough and Layton has a runny nose, but hopefully it's nothing major and the whole family can stay well and away from the doctor for a while!

*The time change has made things a little interesting around here the past few nights. Saturday night and Sunday morning everyone did really good. I guess Halloween festivities just wore everybody out. Since then, things have been a little crazy. Especially for Garrison. He's been waking up super early OR in the middle of the night unable to sleep. He's just all thrown off. And, since soccer was cancelled on Monday due to rain and we have no evening commitments on Tuesdays, the kids were ready for bed by like 6:30. Haha! Just a tad too early. But it was dark and everybody was winding down early and it just felt like bedtime. Hopefully we'll get adjusted and back on track soon. This is still by far my favorite time change of the two.

*Monday and Tuesday nights were both wonderful. We didn't have anywhere to be, I was able to take my time and cook well balanced meals (something that never happens on soccer nights or other busy week nights), we had extra family time, extra down time, and everybody went to bed on time or a few minutes early. It was heavenly. =) And, since our soccer season is winding down and coming to a close we have lots more nights like these to look forward to. I love my boys playing sports and watching them do something they enjoy, but I also treasure our off seasons. Mid-November through mid to late February are laid back and savored by our family. At least by mama!

*Terrell and I are planning a quick date night for Saturday. Yay. Between Terrell going out of town or working late and me being sick for a stretch we've just had very little time together lately. We aren't planning anything big, just a dinner for two somewhere close by. Dating my husband is one of my favorite things! And simple, cheap dates are sometimes the best kind. =)

*Terrell and I are also planning to start our heavy duty Christmas shopping soon. We had the grand idea of shopping early and being done before Thanksgiving and having presents ready to go under the tree right after it's decorated and having absolutely no last minute shopping needs... but so far that's not happening. In our family we all make a Christmas list (both kids and grown-ups) and then share it with everyone so when we start our shopping we're shopping for things we know for a fact someone needs or wants. Both my side of the family and Terrell's does it this way and it works out perfect every single year. Until the year you ask everyone for their list in August or September and nobody gives you one. Big sigh. Terrell and I have had our lists completed for some time now but we're the only ones who participated. Haha. So. That makes early Christmas shopping a challenge. We're about to go hard core on some family members though and demand those lists! There's only 7 Fridays til Christmas or something crazy! 

*I'm desperate for something new to read during the month of November. Come December 1st I'm starting The Greatest Gift, but until then I'm in a reading slump. I've read all of my favorite authors' books from the library and have even started re-reading some favorites because I'm just craving something good to read every night before bed or on those rare occasions I have to myself. And I don't really buy books. Our tight budget means taking advantage of the public library. =) (If I really want to own one I put it on my birthday or Christmas list.) So I decided to place 3 books on hold at the library... books that will make their way to me eventually since they'll have to come from another library as ours didn't have them. I'm waiting on The Royal We, Me Before You, and Winter Street. I'm super excited about all 3. Hopefully they don't all come at the same time!

*Garrison discovered a loose tooth yesterday! He lost 2 back at the start of summer and then we hit a loose tooth slump. Ha. He's super excited about losing another one and using the tooth fairy pillow he picked out at Buggy Days. In the meantime he'll probably drive us crazy messing with it or complaining about it. This will be the 3rd tooth he's lost and they've all been on the bottom. I'm secretly excited about him losing some on top because I know his smile will be the cutest ever. =)

*I just found out I'm supposed to have the next 2 days off. Hopefully that means I can be a little productive, a little lazy, and a little more prepared to tackle things around here by myself. Still, we're already counting down to daddy coming home!

That's all of our mid-week happenings. Happy Wednesday afternoon!

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