Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Favorites: November Lovin' Edition

This week has been a pretty good one. We can tell things are slowing down in the evenings and we're preparing lots for the holidays. We haven't gotten out any Christmas decorations yet but we are finalizing Christmas lists and making official Thanksgiving Day plans and starting to think about Christmas cards and even discussing Christmas Eve, Day, and the day after plans. We really love November. =) Especially when we can all stay healthy. We had a quick little bug at our house earlier this week and Layton still has a runny nose and cough, but other than that we hope to all get well and stay well! 

Here's a look at my favorites from our week and a few of the reasons why we love November....

*Monday morning puzzles with my littlest while his big brothers were at school and Baby A was napping. He still hasn't quite figured puzzles out but they do hold his attention for a little while and if we work on them together he can master a few of the pieces.

*I found this is Garrison's book bag after school on Monday. The sweetness melts me. As a mama, seeing your babies love each other and share a bond and close friendship is just priceless.

*Soccer was cancelled on Monday night due to weather so I decided to let the boys play under the garage. They played while I cooked. =) We are down to 1 soccer game remaining before we call this season a wrap. I LOVE watching my big boys play but by the end of the season it's time for a break. #Novemberlovin'

*Earlier this week I took Anna and Frankie supper and got to see this precious baby snoozing away when I went to drop it off. Still amazed we finally have a girl in the family!

*Several nights this week after bath time Layton has been climbing in Austin's bed and hanging out while the big boys finish up their baths and get in pjs. Another reason I'm loving November... a laid back, rush free, slow paced bath and bedtime. =)

*They also decided to play a little "baseball" before bed with Layton as the pitcher. All 5 of us hung out in the big boy room and Terrell and I loved every second of watching them play together. Brothers playing together and getting along... best thing ever!

*My little sidekicks during the day who still love that laundry basket. Haha!

*Piper came to our house for a visit earlier this week and as soon as I got her down to the basement where we were about to have our free play time, she had 3 super curious little boys gathered around her. Haha! She's one loved baby girl!

*Thanksgiving Books! I love reading about Thanksgiving with my boys. Just another thing I love about November. =) We have some funny ones like Turk and Runt (which is a huge favorite around here) and Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving (another favorite that's super cute), but we also love the ones that really tell the story of Thanksgiving and why we celebrate this holiday. The Story of Thanksgiving and The First Thanksgiving are our favorites. Plus we love the books that are just about being thankful. An attitude of gratitude is the main theme of our house during November. 

*We finally saw some sunshine and nice weather this week! So the boys and I went outside to play football. And you know you're a boy mom when everybody has to play quarterback and when it's their turn they also have to scramble and pretend like they're being chased by lineman and linebackers. Haha! 

Of course our littlest member chose soccer. Baby boy loves to kick a soccer ball. =)

Family game night! We really do play other games from time to time. Ha! Yahtzee is just their favorite game for the 4 of us to play. (Excuse the rubber snake that Austin invited to join us...)

*My middle played in his last soccer game of the season last night. He scored a goal and did great! Our little team has worked hard and kept improving as the season has gone on. We started off rough around the edges but by the middle and end of the season had become a tough team to beat. Even though we technically don't keep score for this age group, if we did, we had a winning season. =) I loved watching Austin Selph all season long!!

*Post bath sweetness. Warm and snuggly pjs in November on my 3 favorite little men who are happy, healthy, and love each other to pieces... Mama's week is made. =) 

*Favorite Read this Week: A Tantrum for my Transformation. Man oh man is this good. Really good. Hits home for me, good. God is sovereign and He is in control. Of. It. All. There is a purpose to the craziness. Take a minute to read it. 

This weekend should be a fun and busy one. Tonight we're looking forward to a low key night at home but come tomorrow morning we've got Garrison Cade's last soccer game, a birthday party, some Christmas planning, some shopping, church, more shopping, and more Christmas planning. To give the boys a playground we've had in storage for years, or not??  Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend, Happy November! =)

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