Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites... A little Late

Well, I overslept this morning. I can probably count on one hand the number of times this has happened since... getting married? Becoming a mom? It's rare. Extremely rare. Normally I wake up on my own even without an alarm. No such luck this morning. Sigh. My alarm was set but never went off (that I know of, and since I rarely ever, EVER sleep through an alarm I'm doubtful I slept through it this morning), instead I woke up to Terrell's alarm going off an hour and a half after mine was supposed to go off. Terrell doesn't even use his alarm clock since I wake him up every morning and he's not even in town! Thank goodness Layton turned that alarm on for me sometime yesterday. Haha.

So. That's why I'm a little late on Friday Favorites. And it's officially been confirmed to me for sure that my children cannot be my alarm clock. I make an exception for weekends when we don't have early plans but other than that I need time to shower and wake up and have some time to myself before waking the tribe. Ha. I was in super slow mo this morning waking them up right after I rolled out of bed. But at least it's Friday! And my hubby is coming home!! And with help from my mom I managed to get the big boys to school on time! So it's all good. =)

Now for my favorite happenings from our week...

*Going way back to last Friday, Austin had his first school party. Layton and I were able to go and baby brother joined in on the fun just like he was a member of the class. While Austin enjoyed all the goodies and treats that were passed around, I limited Layton to one pumpkin cookie and his first ever juice box. He was a fan of both and has decided he wants an invite to every school party from this point forward. =)

*Friday night we celebrated my dad's birthday at our house... and the most special birthday present and guest of honor was in attendance. The cuteness overwhelms me!!

*Of course Trick or Treating with my little men was the best!

*On Monday morning while both his big brothers were at school and Baby A was napping, Layton just wanted to sit in my lap and be read to. Little man is used to having somebody to entertain him or play with him being surrounded by brothers and a little playmate all the time... so when it's just me and him he demands some quality time with mama. Good thing reading books to a sweet boy in my lap has been one of my favorite things for almost 7 years now. =)

*Hi Ho Cherry-O with my middle this week has been fun. Austin Selph would play games all. day. long. if I let him. 

*Speaking of games... we brought back Family Game Night this week! Finally! It has been a busy few weeks with Terrell's job and soccer and the sickies and we just haven't been able to do our game night like we've wanted. Until this week! It was a huge hit as always and hopefully it's back to stay for awhile. 

*Austin and his "rocket ship shooter" that he created all by himself. We love magformers!

*These 2 and their laundry basket shenanigans. Haha!

*Layton sang a bedtime song for the whole family earlier this week that was just precious. He pushed the button on the book to make the song come on and then he attempted to sing with it. We just ate it up it was so sweet!!

*Layton also officially decided he likes spaghetti this week! Yaaaaaay!!! Baby boy is definitely our pickiest eater so him liking a family favorite meal is call for celebration. =)

*The cutest sleeping position for all babies and toddlers everywhere. So sweet.

*Soccer practice in the thick and heavy fog last night was crazy. The season is winding down and between both boys we only have 3 games left.  

*Night night hugs from Layton are the best. Brothers really can be loving and affectionate when they want to be. =)

We are soo looking forward to our weekend! Terrell should be home in time for supper tonight! YAY!! We also have a soccer game in the morning (if it doesn't get rained out), a date night planned for tomorrow night, and a birthday party for our niece Shannon Sunday after church. It should be a good one. =) Happy Friday!!

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