Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Break is Here!

This week started a little rough but thankfully things got better and better and now we are sooo excited to welcome Friday and the start to our Thanksgiving Break! Woooohoooo!!

Here's a look at my favorites from the week...

*Layton Selph kicked off Monday morning by reading at the table while I took care of some things in the kitchen. Win-win!

*After helping me out with some laundry, he confiscated the laundry basket and took his reading else where. Haha! So thankful all my boys love books!

*Austin was able to go on a field trip on Monday morning to a nursing home to sing Thanksgiving songs. Terrell met his class there to watch and sent me pictures and videos. So sweet!!

*So the week started off a little not so great. Terrell and I have some pretty big decisions to make coming up and we got some disappointing news and I let myself get stressed out and it just turned out to be a tough Monday. Ugh. Garrison was very concerned about me after I spent the majority of the afternoon on the phone and upset and just stressing. So my little encourager made me the sweetest card. Austin made one too but his was lost soon after it was given to me, haha. 

This card cheered me up so much! I love how his oh yes it is got bigger and bigger. Ha! Garrison can be a little challenging from time to time. He questions almost everything.... as in struggles with talking back. He can have a short temper. He has a hard time with self control when he's wound up or playing hard. And he's pretty Type A... which can come with both some good and not so good qualities. But despite his "weaknesses" he has the BIGGEST heart. He is always so conscientious and he just loves fiercely. I'm so thankful for my little encourager and his love language of giving gifts in the form of sweet cards for his mama. Thank you Jesus for his sweet, sincere, BIG heart. 

*Family Game Night had to be moved to the living room because the Hawks were about to come on. Haha. We got in 2 games before watching the first few minutes of the game together. =)

*First Christmas pjs of the season for my littlest! Love footie pajamas!!

*Austin was able to take a special trip to the Georgia Aquarium with one of his cousins this week. I think it's safe to say they had a great time. AND, he even brought Garrison home a cute stuffed animal from the gift shop. Can you say love language? =) Garrison was thrilled.

*Two out of three enjoying our favorite Christmas decoration. Can't wait to get all our decorating done!

*An early game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Austin while Layton had breakfast.

*Our audience of 1 who loved his breakfast entertainment. Until he finished breakfast and demanded to get down and not be left out. Ha!

*Baby Girl came for a visit yesterday morning and Layton was super excited to see her. He loves his baby cousin and is totally fascinated with her. 

*At this time I think it's obvious Piper doesn't feel the same way. Hahaha! Sad but true. She probably fears for her safety when my boys are around. Bless it.

*Naptime! Be still my heart.

*The 1st graders put on a little Thanksgiving performance last night at our Fine Arts Center that was adorable! And my 1st grader was oh so cute! And grown-up! And handsome! And wonderful! =)

*We weren't able to get any pictures of the actual program because they were on a big stage under lots of bright lights and the pictures just didn't turn out... so we managed a family pic afterwards. =) We were so proud of our 1st grader!

*Since we did bath time before the program we were able to come straight home and get in pjs after going out to eat. First time in matching Christmas pjs calls for a picture!! And we had one who had the giggles and kept trying to escape, one who was beyond tired and not thrilled about having to take a picture, and one who was just Mr. Photogenic as always. Haha!

*We have a sort of crazy weekend coming up but we're looking forward to Austin's soccer banquet tonight, a shopping date for me and Terrell tomorrow, and lots more decorating this weekend. So THANKFUL for the blessing of family, a week off from school, and the upcoming holiday! Happy Friday and Happy Thanksgiving Break!!

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