Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weekend Fun

We had a super fun weekend this weekend! We had a lazy, laid back Friday night which I neglected to get any pictures of because I think I'm just too tired by Friday night for pictures, ha, then we had an eventful Saturday.... Garrison's last soccer game, a super fun birthday party for my big boys, Operation Christmas Child shoebox shopping, and dinner out as a family. Always an adventure. Sunday was another full day for us and we wrapped up our weekend with football watching and counting down to Thanksgiving. It was a good one. 

Saturday morning was COLD. We bundled up and prepared to watch our biggest play in his last game of the season. Thankfully the sun was shining bright and between adrenaline and jumping up and down and yelling for our team, we managed to stay warm. =)

(Austin declined a selfie so Layton did double duty)

Garrison was on offense the first half of the game and it was impossible to get a good picture of him via iPhone. He was moving way too fast or there was always somebody in the way and blocking our view of him. But mainly it was just too fast paced. So we had to settle for pictures of him as goalie during the 2nd half. He's played goalie one half of every single game this season. It's never been his favorite but he always does amazing and was the right man for the job. =)

We were down 2-0 at halftime and sparked a major comeback after my baby set up more than one goal for his teammates via punt and goal kick. We were ecstatic and our fans pretty much went crazy!! We scored 5 goals in the 2nd half and held them to 0! We won our 2nd game of the season and were soo excited!! 

Talk about a fun way to end the season! Our overall record ended up being 2-6-1. We were so proud of our team and our sideline pretty much went wild. Haha! Even though we were the underdog in every single game but our first one, our team played hard and had fun every game. We loved both boys' soccer seasons.   

After soccer and lunch, the big boys and I headed to a birthday party at another gymnastics place. They had soooo much fun! It was totally open ended so they were free to run around and basically do whatever they wanted. One of the main highlights for Garrison was having a gymnast do flips over him and some friends. He's on the end in green.  

I was super impressed. But also held my breath. Haha.

They had a great time at the party and thankfully we were drama free sneaking out a little early since Terrell and Layton were waiting on us at home. While we were at the party and Layton napped, Terrell's dad came over so they could discuss the possible location of our little playground we bought 2 or 3 Christmases ago. The good news is we think we have a plan now, the bad news is it's a long shot to pull off by Christmas. But no worries since we have 2 February birthdays!

After a quick bath for the big boys we loaded up the fam and got ready to go shoe box shopping, out to eat, and shopping for Garrison's upcoming 1st grade performance. 

It was an adventure to be sure, but we had a good time together. Only 1 child got a case of the gimmies as we strolled through Walmart. But we stayed true to our mission and only bought for the little boys who would receive our boxes. 

Sunday morning was a madhouse around here. (Just keeping it real) But we got our boxes stuffed and prayed over them and the little boys who would receive them. Austin even asked me last night, "Did the boys get their boxes?". So sweet. They want to know every detail and are thrilled about these boys they don't even know receiving their boxes of goodies. (One of the sweetest experiences ever with Operation Christmas Child was Garrison's first. Family members might want to read it again. =))

Sunday afternoon I made another quick shopping trip while my guys stayed home and napped and rested. Whew. There's a reason I prefer shopping on week day mornings. Or online. Gracious. It was craziness. As soon as I got home my babies were outside playing and having fun with daddy. My littlest was thrilled to see me. =) He ran across the whole back yard. Maaaamaaa! Maaaamaaa! Mama!!

My bigs were too involved in their soccer game. Ha. 

They played the rest of the afternoon before we got them inside and ready for supper and baths. Then before bed Garrison made this sweet, precious heart shaped card for his teacher. He asked me to cut out the heart for him and then he came up with everything else totally on his own. 

We LOVE his teacher because Garrison loves her so much!!

It was a really fun weekend! This week we're slowly but surely putting away Fall and pulling out Christmas. We've had a bit of a rough start to the week but hope the Christmas spirit really sinks in for us and that we enjoy this week before the break to the fullest. Happy Tuesday!

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