Monday, November 2, 2015

Trick or Treat 2015

Trick or Treat 2015 was a huge success! Our Halloween day was super low key and lazy after soccer games but Saturday afternoon we kicked things into gear and enjoyed all of our favorite Halloween traditions!

Going way back to Garrison's very 1st Halloween, my parents have always hosted a festive little pre-Trick or Treat get together and fed us all an early supper before we head out for our big night. This year they served us hotdogs and chili and our family, my in-laws, my grandparents, and AnAn, Frankie and Piper were able to make it. This is always such a fun, informal, and adventure-like meal for everyone. Haha. The boys are up and down, costumes are being assembled or put on, grown ups are busy eating or busy with the kiddos. It's just a whirlwind. But a really fun and delicious one. =)

When we first arrived at my parents' house, Garrison passed these out to everyone. A Happy Halloween card of sorts. He is so festive. And I love his little illustrations! On Friday night when everyone came over to our house to celebrate my dad's birthday he made little ghosts to put around the house as decorations. I hope he's always this festive and into holidays! 

Once we got the boys into costumes it was time for our annual pictures out front. The big boys picked out their costumes totally by themselves and I picked out Layton's. =) While I love a "homemade" costume lots and I love the idea of themed costumes for my boys, so far the easiest and most painless way to go is to let them choose the costume themselves. So a Wild Kratts bat and Superman it was. 

Our little lion didn't know what to think. Haha. He was a little traumatized from getting the mane on over his head and then he wasn't a huge fan of having make-up put on. So it's possible he was still in shock. Ha!

The cutest boys in costume ever. =)

Striking a pose!

We even managed to get some sweet pictures of Baby Piper with the boys. Her first Halloween was a sleepy one. =)

Layton is still a tad traumatized and shocked by the whole experience. Haha!

Precious baby girl!

Austin wanted a turn holding Piper too... and about the time we got all the cousins situated and ready to snap a picture, this happened. Our lion planned his escape! Hahahaha!! #Priceless 

O'Mary fam!

The first house we went to was my parents' neighbor's house and Layton actually decided to sit down and camp out a while after his very first round of trick or treating. Ha!

My last cuddly lion making his way to another neighbor's house. Be still my heart. 

After trick or treating at both neighbors' houses on each side of my parents we decided to try something new. We rode around the subdivision like this all night! And it worked out great and turned out super fun! We walked house to house a few times but then always climbed back into the back of the suburban for Terrell to transport us everywhere. 

After trick or treating down my parents' street and then down our street we went back to Granna's and Papa's to drop off my mom (who Terrell had roped into joining us) and the boys were able to give out some candy at their house before we headed home. Baby Girl was enjoying her Halloween and totally content to sleep right through it. =) 

Once we got home we were almost immediately greeted with a HERD of trick or treaters all at once. They had come on a trailer, hay ride style, and were crammed altogether at our front door. It was pretty exciting for the boys and pretty crazy for me trying to fill all those bags at once! At least I knew several from the group since half of them almost fell inside my house. Haha! The boys enjoyed giving out candy to a few more trick or treaters before Halloween wrapped up and we called it a night. We had such a fun night celebrating traditions and spending time together as a family. We are so, so blessed.

And just like that we woke up on Sunday morning to November. =) The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Welcome holiday season!!

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Love all the costumes but I can't get enough of the lion. So cute!