Monday, November 3, 2014

Trick or Treat 2014

Halloween was super fun this year! We loved experiencing the excitement with our little men, we loved sharing the night with our families, and we loved not having to travel! This was one of the first years I felt totally relaxed and comfortable and not rushed. Yay! Everything about our night was pretty wonderful. And I think I'm enjoying it more and more every year as my boys grow. Holidays with kiddos are just the best!

We chose to trick or treat in my parents' neighborhood again this year so they hosted everyone at their house for supper beforehand. My sister and her husband, Terrell's parents, and all of my great-grandparents were able to come over and eat and see the boys dressed up. So fun and special to share our night with so many family members!

After we finished eating and the boys got into costume and made their grand entrance into the living room so everyone could cheer and ooh and ahh, we went outside for our annual pre-trick or treating pictures.

2 superheros (Captain America) plus 1 adorable monkey...

Layton decided he wasn't thrilled with our little tradition. This was a smiling cry. Ha!

The big boys got to ride around in their jeep again this year and were just too cute. Especially since Garrison declared more than once Captain America can see through the night!! They took their superhero roles pretty serious.
Layton strolled around trying to keep up with the big brothers. He decided trick-or-treating was overrated. =)
My little monkey. He chewed on his paws most of the night.

The boys loved going door-to-door and gettting to ring doorbells and watching their pumpkins slowly fill up with candy... and they loved going back to Granna and Papa's house to give out candy once they were all done trick-or-treating! They got to experience the best of both worlds on Halloween night for the 2nd year in a row. (They even greeted a few trick or treaters in Christmas pjs... haha. That's the only winter pjs I had for such a cold night!) I must say our first holiday season in the hometown is off to a GREAT start!
And here's a full-body iphone picture of my superheros after they made their grand entrance. I totally forgot to get any pictures of them standing and posing the whole night!

Huge thanks to my parents for hosting everyone again this year and kicking off our Halloween night perfectly!! And thanks to our amazing families for loving our babies so much and sharing in our trick-or-treat experience. =) We are blessed!

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