Wednesday, November 19, 2014

9 Months Old

My sweet baby boy turned 9 months old last Wednesday. I can't believe we're this close to his 1st birthday! This month has been a super fun one with Layton. One of my favorite ever. =) I'm so glad I savored every little milestone and change and lovable moment. He's been the cutest, happiest, busiest little man and I have loved sharing my days with him and watching him learn and grow so much this month!

9 Month Monkey Pics... 
Still fascinated with his monkey...

Garrison at 9 months...
Austin at 9 months...
9 Months Stats & Happenings...
*You weigh 16 pounds 5 ounces and are 26.5 inches long. Your pediatrician was thrilled with your weight gain... and that your percentile doubled. You're in the 5th now for weight and the 2nd for length. =) Right now, you're just our little guy. And as long as you're healthy that's perfectly fine with us. 
*You are still wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 9 months and 12 months clothes. You've actually outgrown some of your 6-12 months outfits... so we know you're growing! Slowly but surely!
*This month you had 2 teeth on the bottom come through! So far we haven't seen signs of anymore but we are loving your adorable little 2-teeth grin.
*You still LOVE to eat. Your appetite is huge and you would just eat and eat and eat if we let you. This month we added more formula bottles (3 bottles of 5-6 ounces) and right now you're only nursing once a day first thing in the morning. We'll see how much longer that lasts, but I'm so thankful we made it to 9 months (a personal goal I had) before switching to almost all formula.
*You decided to start drinking from a sippy cup at almost every meal this month. We are so proud you finally got the hang of it!
*This month you finally decided to start sitting up regularly! You just weren't very interested before but now you're a pro. Yay!
*You also became full blown, wide open, super fast, mobile this month! You can army crawl on your belly using your arms and elbows at record speeds. You remind me so much of Austin because he did the same exact crawl. My days have gotten a lot busier!
*You are talking more and more. The most common thing you say is "da-da" although you've never said that to daddy so we're not sure if that's who/what you're talking about or not.
*This month you started sleeping through the night consistently again. Yes! You go to bed between 7:00 and 7:30 every night and wake up around 7:00 every morning. You've even started preferring us to lay you down awake. I still read to you and rock you for a few minutes before every nap and bedtime but then you're ready for me to put you down. You are really enjoying me singing to you too while I rock you... which I think is pretty special. =)
*Your naps are slowly getting back on track. Your morning nap is still shorter than I'd like it to be... only around an hour, but your afternoon nap is closer to 2 hours so I'm thankful for that. Good sleep equals a happy baby so I'm determined to figure out these naptime issues.
*You are still very curious about what your big brothers are up to and very entertained by them. And they are really good with you. They sing to you when you're crying in the car, they alert me when you're trying to get in the dog food, they hug and kiss you often, and they love to make you laugh!
*You are one loved little man and we are so thankful God blessed our family with you! Happy Birthday to our sweet Layton Thomas!!

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