Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Break is Here!

We made it to Thanksgiving Break! Woohoo! I had my doubts earlier in the week when things were falling apart (it seemed) and Terrell was out of town, but we made it! Yay! I find myself super worn out on this Friday morning (is it still morning?) due to multiple reasons. First of all, Layton Selph had a horrible night last night and we experienced what we feel like may very well have been our first ever true all-nighter. YAWN. Plus I've been working everyday this week for the first time ever since I started my new "job", plus I'm just tired from Terrell being gone half the week and run ragged pulling double duty.

But, the good news is that we made it to the break and are soooo excited about a week off, celebrating Thanksgiving, getting our Christmas tree and decorating the house, extra time with Garrison and daddy at home, and hopefully extra rest. Yay, yay, yay. =)

Here are my favorite moments from this week...

*Monday morning before Terrell got on the road he played one of Austin's favorite card games with him. Love these 2 more than they know!

*He really is the best baby brother! We are all smitten over him. Still. =)

*Garrison's soccer banquet was super fun and lively. He was especially proud of his trophy. That's like the biggest deal ever at the end of the season. Thanks AnAn for going with me and being my wing-man in Terrell's absence!

*Austin and I made this fun alphabet matching turkey and spelled Selph since that's what we're currently working on. I think he's just about got the spelling of his last name mastered.
*Brothers working hard and raking leaves and loving every second of it. They were so proud of their big pile. And I was so thankful we could go outside and play for the first time all week!
*Enjoying our first Christmas decoration! A special carousel that actually goes and plays instrumental Christmas carols. This is a favorite for my boys and I love seeing their faces watching it every year.

*Favorite not pictured moment: Terrell getting home a day early! Praise the Lord!!

I'm looking forward to a fun weekend catching up with some of my favorite friends and hanging out with all my guys. Happy Friday!

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